Importance of Setting a Good Example unto Others

I went to my church’s youth night for the first time, and I can truly say I’ve never seen a group of young people who minister so well through their various presentations. Seeing those youth participating in something positive that glorifies GOD made me proud. Even though I didn’t know any of them personally. Just by their presence alone it was obvious something spiritual had been put in them. Near the end of the service there was an altar call and some of the youth walked up there. And the guy who was over the program told the parents: if your kids are at the altar you need tobe behind them. And to me that was something so awsome.

And it made me think of my own relationship with my mother. I got to thinking and realized we never truly formed a spiritual bond as mother and daugther. And she hasn’t really formed that bond with my other two sibilings either. And this made me throw up my hands in prayer because it wasn’t me that I was concerned about. I know that I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve formed a relationship with God and I’ll be okay. Although I didn’t have my mama to truly show me when I was younger, I know my training came from my grandmother (another blog in itself…to be continued…coming soon) But I was concerened for my brother and sister and the example my mother has been setting for them. I love my mama to death  but I know that she’s a very broken woman. She’s had an abusive history with men, and the men she chooses to allow in her life ultimately break her down rather than build her up. To sum it all up the “drama” in her life has 98% of the time involved a man; and there have been many. Not to call my mama out, but she’s always had a man. She’ll leave one just to go find another one a few weeks later. Back to back. And so this is the example she has set for a 13 year old son and a 7 year old daugther.

Imagine 7 years old, my little sister may grow up thinking that men are suppose to beat her, talk down to her and treat her any kind of way. Not knowing that when GOD puts a man and a woman together they have a purpose. To help  lift each other, build each other up, challenge each other to stay in the word and fufill the purpose placed on their lives by God. But children can only go by what they see. Imagine being 13 a growing young man. My little brother has been troubled since he was small.  He was diagnosed with A.D.D and he wasn’t really doing well in school at one point. Not only does he have to go to school and deal with everyday puberty just growing up but then he comes home and he doesn’t have a solid male figure to look up to. All he  sees is mama with a thug. A man who takes part in drugs, alcohol, cursing, anger issues and always yelling. Is this an example of the kind of man my little brother should aspire to be? But believe it or not it’s really al he’s been exposed to. Not a man of God to sit down with my mama to put something in him to keep him when nobody is around and life gets hard.For now I thank God that both of my sibilings seem to be doing okay. My little sister is extremely smart and my brother is making A’s and B’s compared to the D’s and F’s he used to make. And he’s also active in sports.

But I know that nothing in this world can compare to having a parent who cares enough to take time out to instill certain values in their children. The bible says to train up a child in the way they should go so that when they grow old they won’t depart. Mama and daddy will not always be around but if a child knows God then instead of turnin to the streets, or to drug when the world gets hard, they’ll turn to HIS word for guidance. Since I’ve gotten back on track with my own spiritual journey, I try to be that example for my sibilings. I take them to bible study with me and invite them to my church. But I can only do so much. I’m still learning the training starts with the parents.

Not saying that my mama doesn’t take them to church. But she doesn’t attend with the intent of truly opening her heart to God’s word to grow. Hearing the word and then applying the word are two different things. My mama can hear a good word and then never follow through on what God has said. Sometimes it might seem like she’s on the right path and then before you know it, she’s turned around and going back down the same road. I’m not knocking her, I love her honestly. But to me this says my mother is not desperate enough  for change. She hasn’t reached the point in her life where she craves truth in God’s word.

But today, for the sake of her being a better example to  my sibilings I say a prayer: God open my mother’s heart so that she may recieve the word and believe all that is spoken. Open her eyes so that she’s aware everything she does affects my litte brother and sister. Give her the spirit and the mind to want to desire to follow your will. So that she can live a life that glorifies you and that it be enough in her to put something in my siblings. By becoming a better example I pray that it helps take their relationships to new levels.  That it helps to keep them close to God when times get hard. I’ve tried to be the example, but I know I can’t do it alone. I’m not asking that she be perfect, but that you at least give her the desire she needs to seek you continuosly for guidance. I hope that the changes in her life set an example for my siblings so that they may see with you all things are possible. Allow them to know you God. Let them see your glory for themselves that they may know and believe and never stray too far from your word.