The Greatest Gift

As I sat in church service on Christmas morning, my pastor spoke about the benefits Christians have by being  justified through faith. (Romans 5: 1-8) With this process he said that we had “benefits” so to speak. One of these he said was peace with God.  I started thinking how in the past few months I have truly found so much peace with God.  I can’t think of a time I have been happier in my life! As my relationship grows with the Lord I see myself growing spiritually and I get excited about the things that he has done, will do and is currently doing in my life to make me a better person. Not just a better person, but the young woman he would want me to be.

Peace with God is truly amazing because I feel  free from everything I use to let burden me down. And when I think of all the burdens I’ve left behind I almost feel like a brand new person! I’m now able to focus on where God is truly trying to take me. The  last half of the year has been amazing for me, I’ve come really far in such a short time. I get excited because I know this is only the beginning of what God is capable of doing. If I felt like this year was good, then 2010 will be AWESOME and I can’t wait!!!

At one point, I was looking for happiness and peace in all the wrong places. I kept hoping something in the world would fill the piece of me I thought was  missing. But what had really been missing was God and his love, Love that can’t even begin to compare to the “love” a dude could ever give me. Because as my pastor said in service, God’s love is based on commitment. A commitment that still stands even when I’ve done wrong and offended Him. A commitment where God loves me enough to jack me up, because he knows I can do better and that there are better things in store for me. A commitment where I know he won’t give up on me until he gets me where I need to be.

Peace with God means trusting God. I’m guilty of trying to fix my own problems thinking I had all the sense in the world to make things better.  I was so convinced that what I was doing was really going to work. But let me tell you, once I got in line with God, everything I had been trying to do, God worked it out. When you do the little things God tells you to do, everything else falls into place.

 Sometimes I feel like I’m invincible because of God’s grace.( lol.) My pastor also said in service that you have to be able to see where God is taking you and then “strut” God’s grace in the devil’s face so to speak.( lol.)  Let the devil know who’s on your side. Since I’ve found peace, I feel like I’m capable of things I never would’ve thought I could do.

Truly peace is amazing and I hope that someone else knows where I’m coming from. And for those who don’t, I hope you find it soon, because this is one gift that’s truly priceless!