Monthly Archive: May, 2011

Your Life: A Service to Others

Yesterday I enjoyed watching Oprah’s final show so much, that I watched it twice! And the second time around I caught something I hadn’t caught the first time watching it. In the beginning… Continue reading

Oprah: A Woman, a Legend, an Icon

“Until we meet again, may God be the Glory,” were the last words of Oprah as her final show came to an end after 25 long years. I can truly say Oprah will… Continue reading

Not Settling…This Time

Recently I began to think back on all my past relationships and I was trying to figure out what went wrong. I was trying to find a common link in all my relationships… Continue reading

I am Not My Hair pt. 2

13 months ago, I made the decision to do something different for myself; I went natural. I know this may not seem like something “different” for some people, but when anything forces me to… Continue reading

No Substitutions

Recently I found myself more immersed in my writing than I’ve ever been. I had become so immersed in my work I felt like I was rekindling my romance with writing all over… Continue reading

Pop Kulture: Susie Bubble

Pop Kulture is a new blogsite on wordpress that’s  aimed towards everything chic and hip in today’s pop culture. The first post  highlights one of fashion’s most influential bloggers: Susan Lau. She has been featured… Continue reading

First post for Innovative A.R.T.S blog

Recently posted my first post for the new blog I started Innovative A.R.T.S. This blog is dedicated to spotlighting young people with talent and sharing it with others. For my first post I… Continue reading

Innovative: A.R.T.S (Always Reaching Towards Success)

The link below is to a new blog that I’ve started to showcase local Jacksonville, Fl. talent. So if you or anyone else you know has a talent that they wish to spotlight, check… Continue reading

Ambitions: Only for Those with Faith

Where I come from in Jacksonville, Fl writing is not this city’s strong suit. Once I discovered this as an aspiring writer and journalist, I knew I would have to leave my hometown… Continue reading

The Root of All “Evil”: A Lesson Learned

I’ve spent over a year battling an emotional demon in my life. That demon for me happens to be the fear of attachment. Back in 2010 I opened a door that I’ve struggled… Continue reading