Ambitions: Only for Those with Faith

Where I come from in Jacksonville, Fl writing is not this city’s strong suit. Once I discovered this as an aspiring writer and journalist, I knew I would have to leave my hometown to actually get somewhere with my writing. But then I began to think: What if I brought innovation in writing to Jacksonville? What if I began my own magazine here in my hometown.

It’s always been a dream of mine to be the master mind behind a magazine publication. I’ve spent years wanting to be published in magazines such as Vibe, Seventeen, Ebony, Cosmo, and Vogue. But how much better would it be if I just created my own magazine and went looking for other writers and journalists to help me out. They would get a chance to show case their talents and I would get a chance to showcase my talent AND fulfill a dream. Maybe I’m talking crazy here, dreaming a little bigger than most people would expect: but that’s the point. Life is so much better when you think outside the box and do the unexpected. Plus I’m a libra who happens to be very ambitious and very creative. My creativity and my ambition are what drive me.

So, say I start this magazine (which I will..someday), I would want it to be completely different from any other magazine out there today. One that combines all kinds of elements. I want a magazine that combines today’s news, with feature articles about celebrities (local and world known), as well as local arts (painters, artists, poets, designers), and let’s not forget music and fashion. I would also like to include a business section where  local young entrepeneurs are showcased. I want my magazine to have an urban edge but be able to still appeal to a large audience. I want it to be innovative and inspiring. A magazine that people are able to relate to. But most of all a magazine to showcase my city. It would be my way of giving back to my community.

But most people will say I’m dreaming too big and my odds of actually accomplishing this are slim. And maybe right now nothing is in my favor, but sometimes I’ve learned you gotta have a little faith.  And faith isn’t always based on what you see.