Oprah: A Woman, a Legend, an Icon

“Until we meet again, may God be the Glory,” were the last words of Oprah as her final show came to an end after 25 long years. I can truly say Oprah will go down in my book as a great legend, but most of all a great woman.  Her show was beyond monumental in the number of hearts it touched and lives that it changed, and it will be missed.

Watching her last show she touched on some really good key points that hit home with me. One of them was the idea of validation and being worthy. These are issues I myself have dealt with for many months and for the longest I found myself searching for my own validation in all the wrong places; particularly in men. And as Oprah said, the voice of God begins as a whisper and we can either choose to acknowledge it or it ignore it; but it doesn’t go away. And every time I went looking for validation it was like God’s whisper got louder, but I chose not to listen. And in my case the “slap in the face” eventually turned into a whole “brick wall falling down”, before I finally got the message. Validation doesn’t come from anyone or anything of this world. God’s love is the only validation that I needed. A lesson that seems so simple took me over a year to learn. But learning that lesson has truly set me free from some things in my past that I allowed to be a burden in my life.

Another thing she mentioned in her final show was that you are responsible for your own life, no matter what your mama or your daddy did or didn’t do. And this made me think about my own relationship with my parents. My relationship with my mom has gotten better over the years, but it still has it’s faults. As for my relationship  with my father, it’s one still in progress. All my life all I’ve ever wanted to do is write and be successful. Not successful as in celebrity or fame, but in the fact that one day I might write something that might inspire someone else; even if just one person were to read my work. But for a while I felt like because of my family’s history, my dream was too big. I like to think a lot of people in my family “play it safe” and they’ve all created comfortable lives for themselves. But I don’t want to be content with being comfortable. I want to follow my dream as an aspiring journalist and author. But doing that requires me to think outside the box my family lives in. I want to do better than what my parents did for me and actually push harder to accomplish my dream.

I’m sure within 25 years there has been a lot more Oprah has said to inspire us all. Knowing Oprah’s circumstances who would’ve thought she’d go on to accomplish what she did?  What Oprah has done isn’t just stuff that happens everyday. Her name has long had a place in the history of American culture, where she has definitely left her mark. (Along with the marks she’s left in the hearts of her many viewers and fans.)

A woman, a legend an icon.