Your Life: A Service to Others

Yesterday I enjoyed watching Oprah’s final show so much, that I watched it twice! And the second time around I caught something I hadn’t caught the first time watching it. In the beginning of the show Oprah mentions that your life should be a service unto others; even if it’s something you never get paid to do, or become famous for. This couldn’t be a better motto for why I write my blogs.

If anyone were to ask me why I write I would only have one answer for them: it’s all I know and it’s my way of sharing with others. When I sit down and write my blogs, in my mind I always know that I’m not alone. The situations I share, I know there are tons of people who have been through similar situations and who are able to relate. I put my own life experiences out there for others to share with me. I’m still learning this thing called “life” and sometimes I don’t always get it right, so it’s nice to share the ups and downs with those around me.

When I write I always hope that even if  no one ever comments, that at least someone is reading what I have to say. And even if one person were to read my blog and take away something positive from it, then I would feel like my goal was accomplished. All I’ve ever wanted to do was write and share my words.  I want to share with others the joy that writing has brought me for many years. At a very young age I realized that words have power. Power to heal, the power to change and power to inspire.

 Written words give voice to people when they are verbally afraid to speak up. That’s also my intentions when I write. For anyone who has ever been through similar situation and been afraid to say how they felt, they can now know they aren’t alone. You never know what you might  say that could hit home with someone else and cause them to make a change in their own lives. It may give a person some much-needed courage; you just never know.

So I like to think of writing as my service to others, who ever happens to read my blog. I may never know your name, or meet you personally but at least I know I’m putting something positive out there for others. I’m sharing my words with others and that’s what makes me most happy. I may never get paid for this, I may never become famous, but at the end of the day if I could reach one person with my words then I know I’ve been a voice for that person. I’m learning that you don’t always have to be famous to be successful in your life. Success is ultimately being able to share what you love most with others.

God was the ultimate servant and we can all use his life as a model for our own. God has blessed me with a gift and it would be a shame to not share it with those around me.  A bible verse that comes to mind is 1 Peter 4:10 “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” This bible verse is exactly what I intend to do. Through my gift when I write, it isn’t about me. It has never been about me. But everything I’ve ever written has been about God getting HIS glory in my life.

So if you have a gift, or talent share it with others. Spread to them the same joy your talent or gift has brought to your life.  Little by little, the positive vibes you put out there in the world will make their way back to your life in a manifold of blessings you can’t imagine.

Psalms4:37  “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”