Monthly Archive: June, 2011


Earlier this month while doing my daily devotion I came across a scripture that has been stuck in my brain ever since. The scripture was Joshua 15:1-4. These verses in particular talk about the… Continue reading

Gone, But Not Forgotten

I recently had a friend who passed away and it still doesn’t quite seem real. It’s always weird when someone you were just talking to fine one week, is gone the next. Seeing all… Continue reading

Lost in Translation

In May I wrote a blog about someone who had been in my life for over two years and how I kept pushing him away because I thought I was scared to be in… Continue reading


 I can remember being in fourth grade writing an essay on why I thought my grandmother should be president of the United States. My grandmother is a real life superwoman.  I love this woman to… Continue reading

The Search that Begins Within…

The funny thing about love is that for everyone it’s something different.  But it turns out most of us are simply in love with the idea of love, but not as willing to… Continue reading

No Regrets Just Trial & Error

Since my car accident in April, I’ve had plenty of time to do some reflecting on everything I had gone through; particularly in the last year. Looking back I can’t say I was… Continue reading