FAITH not Fear

Often there are things we fear in life. But the answer to fear is FAITH. Why fear things not in our control? God always has the map for your life in HIS hands. Ultimately life is about the struggles that we face, but the real test is how we overcome them.  What is it that helps us endure the hard times?

The answer to this should be FAITH. There is nothing to fear, knowing that God doesn’t lead you somewhere to leave you. What we should have faith in is  what God has put in us. Fear makes you forget that God put his will in us to do HIS work. We have to have faith in the will inside of us. But if we already know that troubles can’t be avoided then why fear it? Face it and have faith. Fear is a sign of immaturity that we don’t fully trust God. But his law is always perfect.

1John4:18 reminds us that there is no fear in God’s love. When you love God it brings about a security in your spirit knowing that everything he does is divinely planned for your life; even the troubles. But we must have more faith in the plan, even when it seems the odds say otherwise. Through our trials we build faith in the place of fear. God doesn’t want to see us fail, he’s always on our side. Why be busy scared, when God already knows what we need and has gone two steps ahead of us to prepare our way during the trials we face?