Monthly Archive: August, 2011

History Always Seems to Repeat Itself

I have this fear that I have been living the last year of my life in a cycle. Some of the same signs are there and the situations are similar, yet instead of… Continue reading

An Investment

While doing my daily devotion I came across Isaiah5:2-5 and it made me realize how much of investment we are to God. In the scripture it talks about how a man did all… Continue reading

Married to an Angel… an exert

An exert from a  recent  love story I was inspired to write Married to an Angel: The prelude He held her face between his hands as she silently wept. Her heart was breaking… Continue reading

Trusting God with the Unknown

In my last two days of devotion, I’ve come across scriptures that have both talked about leaving everything behind in order to follow God. This is something I myself have struggles with. I’m… Continue reading

Stand Firm

Ever since the first episode of the Glee Project, I’ve felt inspired. Maybe it was because as a creative person, I admire those who go after their dreams. For those of you who don’t know what… Continue reading