Trusting God with the Unknown

In my last two days of devotion, I’ve come across scriptures that have both talked about leaving everything behind in order to follow God. This is something I myself have struggles with. I’m learning that part of the reason some people can’t completely serve God is because they’re too busy trying to bring along their own baggage when God has told us to bring nothing. (Mark 6:7-11)

Part of the journey with God is being able to trust that whatever we need, he will provide. However letting all your old ways go, also means getting rid of your worldly security; the things we once found comfort in. But the test is that God wants you to find security in him. We often use the things that seem familiar as “crutches” and it leaves no room for God to do his job. If we carry around “safety-nets” then it not only blocks God, but it’s a sign we don’t trust him.

It seems so much easier to cling to our old ways than to allow God to show us a new way. It can be an un-nerving experience to leave behind everything you once knew and embrace something unfamiliar.  This is where faith is supposed to kick in. When we cling to the familiar things, it’s almost like telling God his ways aren’t good enough for us. We don’t have enough trust in him to know that he has our best interest at heart.

The biggest part of being able to trust God is denying ourselves first. (Mark 8:34) I’m learning that the journey with God is less about me and more about God’s glory and plan. When the Lord says bring nothing, he wants you as is. Stripped of everything; only then will we be forced to depend on him. If we try to  bring all this extra stuff along the journey, then we’ll always have a Plan B and never be fully convinced that God’s way is best.