Married to an Angel… an exert

An exert from a  recent  love story I was inspired to write

Married to an Angel: The prelude

He held her face between his hands as she silently wept. Her heart was breaking and there was nothing he could to save her from the pain.

“You fix this right now Noah!” she yelled through tears of confusion and hurt.

“I can’t. I don’t make the rules Elizabeth,” he replied as he wiped the tears than ran down her face.

“Well aren’t there exceptions for love?” Elizabeth asked still in tears.

“Angels weren’t meant o fall in love,” Noah replied. He pulled her hair behind her ears and lightly rubbed her cheek. Elizabeth grabbed his hand and kissed his fingers gently.

“But you’re my angel. Don’t go. I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” Noah smiled. He looked into her hazel eyes and could feel a longing he’d known for years. The very pull of her soul that had drawn her to him in the first place.

“This isn’t supposed to happen!” Elizabeth said and pulled away from Noah’s grasp.  “I’ve spent my whole life waiting for you, just to lose you? Noah,….I can’t,” she said angrily through more tears. She began to shake her head no,  in disbelief hoping it was all just a bad dream.

“NO!” she said and angrily threw her fist at Noah’s chest. “Tell me you’ll stay Noah! Or I won’t forgive you,” she yelled angrily.

“I never meant for this to happen this way, but you have to let me go,” Noah replied hugging her tightly to his chest.

“I won’t,”  Elizabeth replied. She was holding on to him with all her might. Her arms were tightly wrapped around him. “Noah, please don’t do this to me,” she pleaded one last time through tears.

“I love you don’t ever forget that,” Noah replied and gave Elizabeth one final kiss. It was a kiss she’d grown familiar with over the years, but now it would be one she would soon forget moments after. She opened her eyes and exhaled and Noah was gone.

 Elizabeth won’t remember anything that happened once the sun rises. It will seem like time stopped to erase all memories of her and Noah.


When Elizabeth woke up the next morning she rolled over in bed expecting someone to be there. But the bed was empty. She sat up in bed feeling weary from her dream. It had felt so real, and for five minutes she had to convince herself that she hadn’t forgotten something.