A Rare Moment

This morning my mother and I had one of our rare “mother-daughter moments.” Turns out she gave me some really good advice about the current situation I’ve been going through. I pretty much asked her why is it that I feel like my life is a cycle and that I find myself making the same mistakes I made a year ago? Why hasn’t anything changed and why haven’t I learned how to properly apply what I know?

To basically sum up her response she told me that I needed to check my surroundings. The people and the things that I have been surrounding myself with aren’t in alignment with where I’m trying to grow in God. Although I may have this appetite for growth, no one around me is really pushing me to do better when I find myself slipping. I don’t have anyone around me to reinforce a higher level of thinking. Also she told me to take some time out to focus on my relationship with God and figure out what things I need to keep and let go in order to be in better alignment with his plan for my life. The only way I’m going to get my peace back is if I cut off all the unnecessary things and get back to the basics. She said that I’ve probably taken on more than I need to at this point and just to keep things simple and focus on what’s important, school being one and a better relationship with God being the second thing. Everything else I’ve been doing should fall back on my list of priorities. When it’s all said and done I need to be able to make the decisions for myself and learn when enough is enough and to not go beyond my own boundaries.

Although our “mother-daughter moments” are rare, when they do happen I do value what comes from them. Anytime my mother can say something and get me together, this is a for sure sign that I’ve been slipping because any other time, our relationship is a bit distant. But today her advice came right on time and it was definitely something I needed to hear.