Monthly Archive: November, 2011

Mental Jail Break

In the past, I’ve realized that I often have issues with letting things go. But for a while I had been focusing on the people I have a hard time letting go that… Continue reading

A Reminder to Bring It In

Today I went to church and was reminded of  who I truly am IN GOD! I feel as though I’ve gotten so far away from God that, I am loosing sight of the person he created… Continue reading

Give yourself some credit….

Be the woman God created you to be and never sell yourself  short of what you’re worth.  If a man is not going to uphold you as the woman God created you to… Continue reading

Stanton College Prep Devil’s Advocate

Here’s a link to my high school publication I wrote for called, The Devil’s Advocate. Just happen to be doing a little internet surfing and found some old stuff I’d written from my… Continue reading