Mental Jail Break

In the past, I’ve realized that I often have issues with letting things go. But for a while I had been focusing on the people I have a hard time letting go that don’t belong in my life. Well today in church my pastor talked about breaking out of old mindsets that we have before we became Christians. Hearing this made me realize that letting things go, means letting EVERYTHING go; even mindsets that we may have. And although I’ve been focusing on my issues I have with letting people go, I also have problems with letting certain mindsets go.

There are a lot of things I still see with a carnal mind, and I’ve yet to allow God to change my mindset about it. By not allowing God to change these mindsets I have, I know that it hinders him from being able to fully come into my life. It’s crazy how we easily allow different people into our lives who can’t really do anything for us and we let them in on our thoughts and personal lives, but often we block God from this “protected” area of our lives. Why do we resist God and try and keep him out, when really he’s trying to help us? Letting other people in can actually cause damage if you aren’t careful who you let in your circle.

I realized that what I need is a mental jail break so to speak. I need to break out of my own mind in order to fully be able to serve God. As long as I hold onto these mindsets that I have, it will be a constant hindrance in my relationship with God. Just when you think you’ve changed your mind about the way you look at something, you haven’t. God will send a test your way and before you know it, you’re off following your own mind again. You would think that if God says it’s bad to think a certain way, or look at someone or something in a certain way that we could easily obey and change our minds. But breaking out of old mindsets takes a conscious effort. To break out of an old mindset, you have to constantly renew your mind with the word. The more new word you fill yourself up with, then truth begins to crowd out the old thoughts that you had. This is why daily devotion is so important.

Everyday God reveals new things to me about myself. When I put myself against his standard, I know that at this point in my life, I’m no where near where I should be. I’m by no means saying I’m perfect, but that I can do better and I expect better from myself. So I took a minute to list some mindsets that I have that aren’t pleasing to God and beside each one I tried to write an explanation of why I think the way that I do. Finding the root of the thought, can sometimes help with eliminating it. And for every mindset that I wrote down, I plan on looking up scriptures in the bible to show me that it’s NOT how I’m supposed to think, but show me the right way to think instead about that particular subject.

I encourage anyone else who is struggling with releasing old mindsets and habits, to take part in the same exercise. I think it will help you really examine yourself and it’s a great way to spend more time with God and getting to know who you are in HIM.


A Reminder to Bring It In

Today I went to church and was reminded of  who I truly am IN GOD! I feel as though I’ve gotten so far away from God that, I am loosing sight of the person he created me to be. My pastor spoke about running for your life and running towards the Lord, who IS YOUR LIFE! It was a really awesome praise and worship service. Sometimes we all need a reminder to bring our souls back in when we get too far from God’s will.

Give yourself some credit….

Be the woman God created you to be and never sell yourself  short of what you’re worth.  If a man is not going to uphold you as the woman God created you to be, then walk away because  you deserve better. Simple  and easy. As women we have more power than we give ourselves credit for.

Stanton College Prep Devil’s Advocate

Here’s a link to my high school publication I wrote for called, The Devil’s Advocate. Just happen to be doing a little internet surfing and found some old stuff I’d written from my sophomore year. I’m so glad that my writing has come a long way since then, but we all have to start from somewhere.

Stanton College Prep \”Devil\’s Advocate\” Newspaper September 2006 Issue

Proud Blue Devil Alumni

There is also a blog page for the current issues of the Devil’s Advocate. I remember when my class first started this website, and now it has greatly evolved and I’m very impressed. I’ve provided the link below:

Devil\’s Advocate 2011 Blog

Who would I be if I did this post and didn’t give proper acknowledgement to my teacher Mr. Larry Knight Jr. He is probably one of the most influential people in my writing career thus far. He was always there for  help with writing and advice whenever I needed it and his words of wisdom remain with me to this very day. He’s an awesome teacher, who loves what he does and I’ve never met anyone more passionate about their work. I admire him for his drive and I thank him for everything he did for me while I was at Stanton.