Monthly Archive: December, 2011

The Love We Defined

*This poem is inspired by and also a response to the poem  “My Meaning of Love”  written by JTGiftedpen* Your presence leaves me breathless so many nights I’ve spent restless waiting for you… Continue reading

Death by Poison

What started as affection grew into an infatuation of pure lust. Wanting to be held, to fill a void of lonely nights. Lying in your arms with a wondering mind and a restless… Continue reading

For Our Sake

I don’t want the next guy to have to pick up the pieces or listen to me cry and count the reasons the last dude broke my heart the next guy shouldn’t have… Continue reading

Not that Kind of Girl: The Girl with Low Self-Esteem

Too often there are young women who lack confidence in who they are. To truly know who you are, you have to realize that true confidence comes from God. Discovering your purpose and who… Continue reading

Not “That Kind of Girl”: A Blog Series…

Not that kind of girl is a series of blog post I will be writing about the different roles that young women tend to play in their lives. At some point we’ve all… Continue reading