The Love We Defined

*This poem is inspired by and also a response to the poem  “My Meaning of Love”  written by JTGiftedpen*

Your presence leaves me breathless

so many nights I’ve spent restless

waiting for you

just to be held in your grasp

and to taste just one kiss

so that my dream can become  a reality.

Standing on the edge, holding my breath

takin it all in

seeming too good to be true.

Perfect, made just for me.

From head to toe.

 Our fingers intertwine to never let go

holding on to a love that can’t be defined or imagined

a love  not even our souls can phantom.

But it all seems so right.

For once in my life, can I have this moment?

All mine. Forever imprinted on my heart

where love has left its footprints.

Pieces of me, pieces of you

together we create a whole new being.

We gave love a whole new meaning,

When God breathed life into two  souls, destined for one another.

Diving deep without a chance to catch my breath

a cooling calm that leaves my soul refreshed.

Taking my hand to lead the way on our journey

keeping my heart safe within reach

a bond both sacred and deep.

A trust built on faith.

A foundation of truth.

A relationship designed by God for a greater purpose

than just you and I.

We were given a task to be set apart and redefine

 a new hope,

that can endure,

a passion that breeds creativity

to feed two souls with two hearts

 that beat together in harmony to a special tune

that we like to call