Reblog: GOP Debate: I Spy on the UNF Green

Check out the link below for some pictures taken throughout the day while on the scene. The later it got, it seemed, the crazier things became. The crowds grew larger and the protesters got louder. I even had a run

in with Terry Jones on the green as he created more chaos among the protesters and bystanders outside the Lazzara Theater. At one point it almost seemed as if the real show was going to be outside, instead of the GOP

debate being held inside with the Republican candidates.

GOP recap:


#JaxDebate: First Post of the Day…and here it is!

My first blog of the day belonged to the Republican debate that is currently taking place in my own backyard at UNF.  There’s a buzzing excitement that I can’t seem to ignore on my university’s campus. the media has this place covered, cameras are out everywhere, reporters (both professional and students alike), it’s a very interesting spectacle to observe from the sidelines. Any who I’m sharing the link with you all so you can follow along and give a live feed of the debate coverage. The link is for’s “Cover it live” where UNF students and others are blogging and tweeting away while they see the action first hand!


Don’t be the only one left out of the loop, click the link and follow along! Also follow me @5starsassy as I tweet throughout the day about the mayhem on my university’s campus!

if you missed my first post of the day, I’ve also provided the link below for that:

JaxDebate: First blog post of the day

Jax Republican Debate

I’m thanking God for opening the doors he has been opening lately, and allowing me to get some of the coolest hands on experience in my field. How cool is it to be having the Republican Debate in my own backyard, right on my university’s campus? Who would’ve thought of all the cities and colleges they could have chosen, that Jacksonville, Fl would be chosen? I’ve criticized my city for being behind socially for years. I haven’t been this excited about my city since the Super Bowl in 2005.

Below is a link to another post I wrote about how I will be participating in the debate’s  media madness behind the scenes through live blogging, twitter feeds, and podcast for my Applied Print Journalism class. All of which will be used either for the local newspaper’s website, WJCT and for NPR’s segment  “Media Roundtable” with Melissa Ross. Even though I’m not a fan of politics, the experience is going to be awesome and I’m looking forward to doing something different. Not to mention, I have a lot more than my grade on the line for these assignments. This is an opportunity to allow my work as an aspiring journalist to speak for itself and hopefully this will lead to more doors being open.

PopKultr3: Part of the Media Madness (Republican debate 2012)

Crazy Love Blog Post via Necole B.

Don’t know if anyone who follows this blog in particular has heard of Necole Bitchie, but she’s actually a pretty awesome entertainment blogger. I recently came across her original blog site “I am Necole” and there was a particular post that I read and it went along with my previous post about relationships, guys, etc. Sometimes when it comes to love, things can get a little crazy in that particular area.

 But I felt like I wanted to share the post and may enlighten other with what I read. I enjoyed the post and it got me to thinking about my own love life, so if you’re in an awkward place with love and relationships, read this blog and do a little reflection. It never hurts to do a little pondering on your own life every now and then, especially if you’ve ever  had to ask yourself “How did I end up like this?” Click on the link below to read the full blog post from I guess this also comes in hand with Valentine’s Day being right around the corner huh?

Necole Bitchie: Famous entertainment blogger

“Crazy Love” post from

Dead Weight

As much as I’ve tried not to bring 2011 into 2012, there are still pieces of “yester-year” lingering around. A few days ago I wrote a status on my facebook: “It’s about time  I stop holding onto the dead weight in my life” I wrote this status after I encountered a moment where I wasn’t being the woman God wanted me to be. I found myself in a moment where I had really gotten upset about the situation, but at the end of the day the situation happened because I wasn’t being a real woman.

In saying this, I’m learning that part of being a woman is knowing what you want when it comes to men and being able to stand firm and not settle for anything less. I’m often guilty of not completely holding onto my own standards. I find myself saying things like “Well he may not be this, but he makes up for it here, or he may not have it all together in this area, but maybe I can give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s ok in another area” Whenever you find yourself making compromises as such: STOP! Because quickly enough you will find yourself settling for anything just to gain a little piece of happiness for the moment. (A moment that won’t last forever, might I add!)

I’m not sure when I fell into this cycle  I’ve had going on with men for the last 2 years, but it’s really getting old. I’ve reached a point in my life where I want more. Yes I want commitment! and I will ask you within the first 3-4 months what your intentions are with me. I know I’m 22, and at this age most people are looking to just “chill” and have “fun”. Well I’m not knocking you, and fun is great, but I don’t want to be stuck “chilling” and having “fun” but not progressing. I like to know that in any relationship I’m a part of whether it’s boyfriend and girlfriend, mother- daugther, or just a simple friendship, that in the end there’s going to be some kind of growth or productivity from us being part of each other lives. I believe every relationship should have a purpose.

So I’ve decided to take at least the rest of this year off from guys and focus on my career, graduating from college and my writing. Already I’ve found myself more focused on my writing and career and small doors have been opening for me to explore these avenues on larger scales. This break, isn’t me giving up on love and saying that all men are dogs. (Men are only dogs if you allow them to treat you that way) This is simply me, taking a moment, or a few months to get back to building myself up to the woman I want to be.

I’ve realized there was no point in trying to hold onto my “boo’s” just for a little “fun” or “chill time” here and there, because I know I want more and I expect more. And if that’s not a standard that can be met at this time, then there’s no point in holding onto the dead weight when I have so much more in life to focus on and pursue.

Not That Kind of Girl: The Girls Who “Sleeps Around”

My grandmother was explaining to me how back when she was growing up  it seemed like young women had more pride about how they carried themselves. Young women used to be raised to not be so “free” with themselves. This is because back then, there were older women to plant seeds and set examples to keep the younger women on track. (There’s isn’t much of this in today’s time)

Young women back then were more conscious of themselves and what it mean to be a woman of God. Young women had more of a mystery about themselves; something deeper, given by God, that would intrigue others. Dating used to include a lot more boundaries that young men and women have gotten away from.

Young women back then, understood that their worth wasn’t simply their physical body. They knew that when it came to the men, they had a lot more to offer because God had given them something of a greater value on the inside beyond the physical. Being a woman was about the complete package: mind, body and soul.

Today a lot of young women are missing out on this key concept and instead they only believe that all they have to offer a man is the physical; their body. So many young women fall into the trap of constantly giving themselves to men and never really filling the void that was there to begin with. I believe that one reason young women sleep around is because they’re looking for answers. But what they don’t realize is the answer to the question is God.

Jeremiah 42:3-6, 19-22; 43:1-4 “Looking for an answer

Background scripture: Jeremiah 42

The people asked Jeremiah to pray to God for them and whatever God said, they would do. But once they got God’s answer, they rejected his word because they didn’t get the answer they were hoping for. There are some young women right now, looking for an answer. God has the answer they need, but they’d rather look to the world to give them the answer they want.  They’re looking for th answer that keeps feeding into their dysfunction.

A lot of young women sleep around to fill a void. They often feel like something is missing, but this void can only be filled by the love of God and his truth.  It seems as women we’re always looking to be “wanted”, we feel “lonely” or we’re “looking for love.” But it’s the perception of these concepts that are key.

Wanted“, by who? The world and people? Just so that they’ll turn around and reject you anyways. As a woman of God, your acceptance  shouldn’t be based on worldly standards. “Lonely”..why are we lonely when God’s presence is omnipotent? He hasn’t went anywhere. The question is where have you allowed your mind to wander off to? “Looking for love“ as defined by who? The world? God is love, so there’s no excuse for that one. While we’re looking for something or someone to fill these voids and answer our questions,  all we have to do is open our eyes and see that God is the answer staring us in the face.

Titus 2: 1, 3-5Am I a Titus 2 woman?”

Background scripture: Titus 2

A church member of mine spoke on this topic at an evening service and I felt that it was relevant to the current topic. Too often we’re so busy giving ourselves to this other person hoping to fill a void, but do we ever stop to think about what are we giving away to begin with?

These verses give us a taste of how God wants us to carry ourselves as women, so that when God does allow the right man to come into our lives, you’ll be able to give him something other than the physical.

Proverbs 31: 10-31 “The virtuous woman”

I’m sure many of us are familiar with this scripture, but it’s one we should really take to heart as women of God. We must be a different breed of women, set apart for God’s purpose. There is a certain manner we must present ourselves in. When we decide to become intimate with another person, these are values that we should already have instilled in us, not be looking for the other person to impart these things in you. Allow God to impart these things into you before you so freely give it away to someone who won’t be able to appreciate it anyways. God has given you something precious and deep. Be responsible with your virtue. Don’t waste it on someone not worth it.

John 4:7-10, 13-15, 25-26 Quenching a Thirst (Woman at the Well)

My pastor preached on this and I feel like it can be applied to this current subject of giving ourselves away as young women. When we are constantly giving ourselves away to things of the world, we create an appetite. (It doesn’t just have to be men). In order to satisfy this “craving” or “thirst” we have, we look to the world to put an end to the thirst. While we’re  so busy “quenching our thirst” we forget that the thirst will only go away temporarily. (When you depend on the world as your source of “water”)

But God offers us a living water. When we allow God to truly enter into our lives, he’ll change our taste and our appetite for certain things. We should allow God to quench the drive in us to run after worldly things that can’t guarantee us anything. If we aren’t careful, using worldly things to “quench our thirst” can lead to habitual habits. If we quenched our thirst sleeping with men one time, the next time we get “thirsty” again, we’ll do the same thing.

A thirsty spirit can only be fully quenched by God. The thirst isn’t the issue. It’s natural for our souls to have desires and wants. But the real issue is how we quench the thirst. Know that no one can quench your soul like God. He puts an end to the thirst versus covering the thirst with dysfunction. God can quench a thirst so good that we won’t even look to the thing you were thirsty for in the first place the same ever again. Not only will God satisfy your thirst, but deliver your mind at the same time.

Mark 5:25-34 ” A Special Touch” (The woman with the issue of blood)

This particular scripture is for every young woman who feels that in order to feel wanted or loved, a man has to “touch” you in a certain way. There’s no amount of touching a man can ever do in the natural that compares to the touch of God in the spiritual. God’s touch is so much deeper. Why is it that we’ll allow other to be intimate with us and not really hesitate, but as soon as it comes to letting God fully into our lives, we hesitate?

When you’ve truly been touched by God, he leaves a mark on your life and I promise you, you’ll never be the same. In the natural you have to be careful in letting people get too intimate because you never know the spirit behind things. Before you know it, this “touch” could lead to an unexpected emotional stronghold. (Trust me, I’ve been there. It gets ugly)

Although man can give you a touch you want, it’s not the touch you need. A physical touch may temporarily fill a desire but it does nothing to feed your soul the proper nourishment. The touch God gives you works from the inside out. When God gets on the inside  he digs deep at the root of the problem. He’s not looking to help us cover up the pain or the hurt, but from touching you within, he’s beginning a healing process.  Just like the woman with the issue of blood know that it only takes God touching you once, to truly know there is nothing or no one like HIM.

Application: Before you decide to become intimate with the next person who comes into your life, ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I able to offer this person more than the physical?

2. Am I trying to fill a void?

3. What am I expecting to become of this?  (Will there be a future involved beyond the sex?)

Think about all the other qualities that make you the woman that  you are. Take the time to share these qualities with the other person. Allow the other person to get a chance to know you for who you are outside of the physical. The more a person know about you as a person, the more they will be able to appreciate the intimacy of being physical with you.

Make sure that you aren’t using the person to fill a void. And if you are, then spend more time reading God’s word and allowing HIS truth to pour into your soul and fill you up!

And also as “old school” as this may sound, the best thing to do is wait until marriage. I know that a lot of young women haven’t (myself included), but there’s nothing like preserving yourself for the right man sent by God. Otherwise if you keep simply dating with the intentions of “having fun”, then you’re going to end up blending in with every other girl. God set you part to be different. God has given us a standard and that’s what we should be striving for.