Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Reblog: GOP Debate: I Spy on the UNF Green

Check out the link below for some pictures taken throughout the day while on the scene. The later it got, it seemed, the crazier things became. The crowds grew larger and the protesters… Continue reading

#JaxDebate: First Post of the Day…and here it is!

My first blog of the day belonged to the Republican debate that is currently taking place in my own backyard at UNF.  There’s a buzzing excitement that I can’t seem to ignore on… Continue reading

Jax Republican Debate

I’m thanking God for opening the doors he has been opening lately, and allowing me to get some of the coolest hands on experience in my field. How cool is it to be… Continue reading

Crazy Love Blog Post via Necole B.

Don’t know if anyone who follows this blog in particular has heard of Necole Bitchie, but she’s actually a pretty awesome entertainment blogger. I recently came across her original blog site “I am Necole” and there was… Continue reading

Dead Weight

As much as I’ve tried not to bring 2011 into 2012, there are still pieces of “yester-year” lingering around. A few days ago I wrote a status on my facebook: “It’s about time … Continue reading

Not That Kind of Girl: The Girls Who “Sleeps Around”

My grandmother was explaining to me how back when she was growing up  it seemed like young women had more pride about how they carried themselves. Young women used to be raised to not be… Continue reading