Jax Republican Debate

I’m thanking God for opening the doors he has been opening lately, and allowing me to get some of the coolest hands on experience in my field. How cool is it to be having the Republican Debate in my own backyard, right on my university’s campus? Who would’ve thought of all the cities and colleges they could have chosen, that Jacksonville, Fl would be chosen? I’ve criticized my city for being behind socially for years. I haven’t been this excited about my city since the Super Bowl in 2005.

Below is a link to another post I wrote about how I will be participating in the debate’s  media madness behind the scenes through live blogging, twitter feeds, and podcast for my Applied Print Journalism class. All of which will be used either for the local newspaper’s website Jacksonville.com, WJCT and for NPR’s segment  “Media Roundtable” with Melissa Ross. Even though I’m not a fan of politics, the experience is going to be awesome and I’m looking forward to doing something different. Not to mention, I have a lot more than my grade on the line for these assignments. This is an opportunity to allow my work as an aspiring journalist to speak for itself and hopefully this will lead to more doors being open.

PopKultr3: Part of the Media Madness (Republican debate 2012)