Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Expanding: HubPages

Within the last year, I started two other blogs on WordPress besides this one. Innovative A.R.T.S and PopKultur3. They both have been doing pretty well having only started them a year ago. Innovative A.R.T.S… Continue reading

Digital Portfolio: PopKultur3

I recently added a new page to my other blog Pop Kultur3. It’s my digital portfolio. On this page I have complied all the professional  pieces that I’ve written for different publications. (Florida Times… Continue reading

“Dreamers and Visionaries”

I recently did an interview with a spoken word poet on the rise in Jacksonville and during the interview she said something that really sparked my interest. The poet’s name is Erica “Serenity”… Continue reading

A New Journey

So I recently cut my dreads off this past Saturday (May 19th, 2012) and now I’ve begun a new journey. For those who don’t know, I had been growing my dreads for about 1… Continue reading

4 Mini-lessons in a healthy self image

I was up late reading through the Bible and as part of my reading I came across Judges 6:14-15. Initially when I read it, I didn’t get how this related to an image… Continue reading

Avengers: “The Original A Team” movie Review for EU Jacksonville

I wrote a movie review for the release of Marvel’s super heroe mash-up movie: Avengers. The review got published online for EU Jacksonville. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, then you’re missing… Continue reading