Monthly Archive: June, 2012

Day 10: Full

I know I’m late with this posting, but I just came in from church service. The spirit was really high and I’m full off of God’s word. Truly the message was a blessing.… Continue reading

Day 9: What kind of “seed” am I?

Another day down in the 21 day challenge. 9 days in and God continues to show me  just who he is. The more I read the more God shows me my own areas to clean… Continue reading

Unlpugging and finding a balance

I swear 24 hours in a day is never enough time to get everything I want to get done. Especially with my writing and blogging. Lately I’ve found myself so caught up with blogging and… Continue reading

Day 8: Wrong is wrong

Week one…DONE. Whew!! Day 8 continues of the 21 day challenge Today’s scripture: Luke13:1-9 To sum up these verses, the first 5 are Jesus asking the people who’s sin was greater, and then telling… Continue reading

Day 7: What about me God?

Day 7, almost a week into the challenge. 21 day challenge continues..I hope others are getting something from my post, I am. And I hope maybe I’ve inspired others to join the challenge. … Continue reading

Day 6: Souled Out

Day 6, and the 21 day scripture challenge continues. Everyday reading more of the word leaves me feeling refreshed and my spirit renewed. I’m still on Romans6:6-11. This time when I read it,… Continue reading

Day5: An Unbroken fellowship part 2

The 21 day challenge continues and truly it is a challenge. Everyday God is digging deeper into me and shaking some things up that need to be changed. But I accept the challenge.… Continue reading

Day 4: An Unbroken Fellowship

The 21 days challenge continues….. Today was a long day to say the least. A lot of stuff going on with me both mentally and emotionally. However, there’s still a scripture to be… Continue reading

Day 3: The battle is real

*ok..I know I’m late with this’s been a long day..=/* Day 3: Romans 8 (My favorite scripture in the Bible, I find i revisit this scripture often) I don’t have much to… Continue reading

Day 2: The Mess We Leave Behind

Great news! The 21 day challenge continues and this post marks my 100th post! yay! Awesome stuff. Anywho on to today’s scripture. BUT BEFORE WE BEGIN, a little recap from Day 1 After reading… Continue reading