Day 2: The Mess We Leave Behind

Great news! The 21 day challenge continues and this post marks my 100th post! yay! Awesome stuff. Anywho on to today’s scripture.

BUT BEFORE WE BEGIN, a little recap from Day 1

After reading yesterday’s scripture, I did meditate on it and ask God to help me see where in my life the scripture can be applied. What I realized was that every time I try and go back to my old ways with hanging with certain guys (one guy in particular for SURE), I end up looking like Hosea’s wife Gomer. I’m no longer under God’s protection and I put my sense of peace and stability at risk. It’s like we’re married to God. God isn’t willing to get a divorce. He’s loving until the end. And even admist our punishment he restores and he’s faithful.


Joel 1: 1-20 Key verses: 4-7, 17, 20

This chapter talked about how damaged and destroyed the land had become. Locust had come and destroyed all the crops, the water was dried up, fire had consumed everything and even the animals were starving to death. God’s people had suffered a great lost. They had been cut off from God and in doing that it caused great damage. Although the scripture describes damage done to the land in a physical sense, it also paralleled the people as well.

When I read this chapter, in my mind I pictured how the land might have looked and it felt devastating to imagine how dead and consumed everything looked. It made me think about how these images paralleled the people. Whenever we walk away from God, this is what we’re headed. Straight down a path of our own destruction where we’ll be consumed. This is the mess we’re walking into. This is the same mess, that we want God to save us from. That’s what we end up looking like, a land that’s been consumed and destroyed.

verse 4 says (amplified version): “What the crawling locust left, the swarming locust has eaten, and what the swarming locust  left, the hopping locust has eaten, and what the hopping locust left, the stripping locust has eaten.”

This verse stood out to me because 1. it shows that when we do leave God’s protection, it’s a gradual process. We aren’t consumed all at once, but little by little. Almost as if we’re seduced without realizing we’re being seduced. And then 2. It shows that once we leave God’s protection it leaves a door wide open for the devil to invite himself in. And once he’s in, he’s out to destroy you until the end. Most of the time we never realize the damage that has been done until we reach this point talked about in chapter 1 of Joel.