Day 8: Wrong is wrong

Week one…DONE. Whew!! Day 8 continues of the 21 day challenge

Today’s scripture: Luke13:1-9

To sum up these verses, the first 5 are Jesus asking the people who’s sin was greater, and then telling them it doesn’t matter what the person did but that in the end repentance is a must. The verses left are of a parable where a man has been growing a fig tree for 3 years and yet it never produced any fruit. Instead of chopping it down, the person taking care of the vineyard ask that the plant not be chopped, but given another chance to try again once it has been pruned some more.

Today’s devotion was pretty simple. The first 5 verses are basically saying that all sin is wrong; no matter how big or how small. No act of sin is greater than the other. Even the little stuff we may think is small and insignificant, God looks at our wrong doing all the same. Whether we robbed a bank, or killed a person, wrong is wrong. What matters is that regardless of what the sin may be that we commit, it’s important that we repent. By repenting we change our minds for the better about our actions to fully come into alignment with God.

Verses 6-9 was a parable. Ultimately this represents us and God. We are the plant that hasn’t yielded any good fruit. Even though God has given us everything we need. For whatever reason we keep falling short and fail to produce fruit. In this parable, instead of getting upset and immediately cutting the tree down, the vine keeper who represents Jesus, still has faith in the tree. He hopes that after a little more grooming it will finally produce fruit. Instead of giving us our full punishment when we’re disobedient all at once, God actually has faith in us. He’ll give us the benefit of the doubt, to come back and pour more into us and groom us more, hoping this time around we’ll produce something different.

God’s patience and mercy are GREAT!