Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Open your mouth!!!

The Lord is truly challenging me on another whole level. When it comes to words, I’m pretty good with saying the right thing and making people feel  my emotions and understand my point….ON… Continue reading

RLCM: “A Godly sorrow”

This past Sunday my Pastor preached a message about “Godly sorrow” that has been ringing loud in my ear the last few days. The scripture for his message was 2Corinthians7:6-10. The key verses… Continue reading

He struck a NERVE!

My dad and I have many interesting conversations. A lot of the times, it can get intense and we go back and forth. One of the conversations we have often is about the… Continue reading

Freedom in Worship

I believe in a few previous posts, I may have mentioned that there’s a certain freedom I’ve began to find in worshipping God. Having an unbroken fellowship with God, begins with simple praise and… Continue reading

Sharing Growth

In a lot of my previous post, I spoke about wanting growth for others around me and for the people I have relationships with. Well, earlier this week I challenged myself and two… Continue reading

Day 21: The FINAL scripture

The end of the challenge has come near, but I like to think of it as “21 days…AND COUNTING.”  Even though technically the challenge may be over, it doesn’t mean I should stop… Continue reading

Day 20: Power of Praise and Worship Pt 2

One more day left in the 21 day challenge, truly it’s been a growing experience. Although it may seem like minor things, I can feel a greater change overall. I feel restoration in… Continue reading

Day 19: Growth and the power of Praise

As the challenge winds down to the final days, the Word that God sends me gets richer and sweeter. Even though at times, the message may seem simple, it always cuts deep. God… Continue reading

Day 18: Covenant Relationships Pt 2 “Renewed Covenant”

Day 18 and the challenge continues, just a few days left. But I’m hoping that you won’t hear less from me once the 21 days are over. Hoping I’ll still have lots to… Continue reading

Day 17: Covenant Relationship

Day 17, sorry to post so late. Got in late from another Friday night service. The spirit was high and what my Pastor spoke on was something I’ve had on my mind, the… Continue reading