Sharing Growth

In a lot of my previous post, I spoke about wanting growth for others around me and for the people I have relationships with. Well, earlier this week I challenged myself and two of my friends that go to church with me. All of us have been getting closer as young women and so we’ve been trying to keep each other encouraged and moving forward in a Godly direction of purpose.

This week the challenge was to look up a scripture, explain it and then give application of how it can be applied to your life or the situation you struggle with. We each had a day, and we simply just texted each other and talked it out etc. One of my friends is still kind of new to the Christian fellowship, but I really love her attitude for growth. She seemed kind of shy about the challenge, but today when she sent her scripture I was really proud of her.

Ephesian4: 22-32 was the scripture she talked about. And not only did she hit on her own situaton, but she hit on a situation I also struggle with. She mentioned that part of her struggle was hiding her Christian side when she’s around certain company and I told her, I tend to have the same problem. I even shared with her my experience in leaving behind KKI after 2 years and how painful it was to let those people go, because I genuinely cared for them. But ultimately I realized my peace with God was more important. (i’m not even sure I’ve shared the full story on my blog yet, but it will be coming soon…)

But anyways, everyone in KKI (A community service organization at UNF under Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.) knew I went to church. I made that clear early on way back in 2010. However, despite all that I got caught up and ended up taking a journey that caused me a lot of pain, but the pain pushed me back towards God where I needed to be And just within the last few months I’m finally getting back in right standings with God. Still not perfect (never will be), but I’m still aiming to restore our relationship.

So anyways, I shared the story with her and she was like she was glad I could relate and understood where she was coming from. And whenever I experience moments like this with other people in God, it gives me GREAT joy! I know it may not seem like much, but I love it. I enjoy seeing other people grow in God and being a part of that experience. I like the fellowship, because her scripture came in handy today.

This is what I’m talking about, sharing the growth with others around me. The kind of relationships were we pour into each other and things aren’t so one-sided. Again, covenant relationsips…I promise you the Lord is determined to clean up my relationships and help me get it right. He’s showing me that in order to master a relationship in the natural, my relationship in the spiritual must be in good standing first. There has to be something else driving me in a relationship beyond my own feelings. If that were the case, all my relationships would be unstable. But God is also challenging me to come outside of myself and not be selfish.

The Word is great. Be sure to share this with a friend. You never know who may need to hear this. That’s my challenge to you, share the word more with others around you if you don’t already. You’ll be surprised what doors will open and the great things God will show you in your life.