Freedom in Worship

I believe in a few previous posts, I may have mentioned that there’s a certain freedom I’ve began to find in worshipping God. Having an unbroken fellowship with God, begins with simple praise and worship. Being able to simply enjoy God for who he is: Loving, faithful, kind, forgiving and much more.

Tonight at my church’s bible study services, I truly experienced a new level in praise and worship. The first time I began going to church on my own, I was very hesitant in my initial praise and worship. I barely lifted my hands, I didn’t really allow myself to let loose in God and enjoy praising with Him. I was thinking about what others would think of me.

However, back in 2009 or early 2010, I remember I started to feel more at ease with my worship. I wasn’t as shy or self-conscious in praising God and just  began enjoying his presence and allowing him to speak and pour into me through my worship. It was at this point, I’ll never forget, I experienced a praise dance where I let the Holy Spirit just take me. I was at the altar and it was like something got in my feet and I just let go. It was through that praise dance a lot of things in my life shifted for the better at that point.

It was during this time I was going through a transition of trying to let go of a stronghold in my life with a certain dude. I had gotten emotionally attached to someone that God had told me wasn’t meant for me. ( I’ve talked about this situation when I started blogging intially in 2009-2010.) Anywho, I hadn’t had a praise dance like that since; until tonight.

The service got really high, my pastor even said that what he did preach was not his intended message so he knew the Holy Spirit was moving. When I tell you something took me over and I let loose! The Holy Spirit took me over and all I could say was “God you are faithful” I’ve never praised God like this before ever, but it felt awesome. I found freedom in allowing God to take me and open my spirit up to pour into me.

And even though my Pastor spoke on miracles happening, I just praised God for who he is and all that he’s been to me. Even if I don’t come back with a testimony of anything miraculous, I just know that God is moving things in my life. I’ve seen growth in my relationship with him in the last month or so and that in itself is great.

Currently I am going through a financial strain, but slowly God has been opening doors and I know that he’s been faithful. I’m not perfect, but I know I’m not the same person I was in January, truly there’s been some kind of turn around in me. I know that God is working on me and I know he’s trying to take me to a new level. But the key is to hold on a little longer through the tight spot and trust Him, because he’s faithful, ALWAYS.

The great part in the worship is that in the praise I know that God is already making a way. He’s opening doors and setting things in place. I may never know or see the “behind the scenes”, but when the time comes, God has already gone before me and made a way. I simply praise God for where he’s brought me from and how even in tight times now, he’s still making sure my needs are met. I may not be getting everything I want, it may not be going how I thought it would go, but I know in the end, all things work for the greater good. And so everything that I may consider to be bad right now, all the closed doors and the tearful moments I’ve had, God will turn it around and use it as a blessing.

I could hear God tonight saying ” I’ve been faithful to you. I’ve opened doors for you, I’ve given you a gift of writing. But now can you be faithful to me? Can you trust me on a new level, and can I trust you to be faithful with the gift of words I’ve given you?” God wants to take me somewhere, but before I get there he’s asking me some serious questions.

My pastor has preached before about a divine shift and I feel like tonight that message came full circle. Something in me has been shifting and I can feel that I’ve gained a zeal for God I haven’t had in a long time. If I thought last summer I had found a certain peace with God, this summer my peace has gone to a whole new level.

I’m not saying I’ve done everything perfect and that I haven’t had some trip ups ( even within the last month or so), but when I bounce back, it doesn’t take me as long as it used to get back in line with God. I’m realizing my peace is too sweet to lose. I’ve said to God I want to go deeper with you, I want a deeper relationship, but now God is saying to me, are you sure you want to ride this train? Going deeper is going to cost you. And I can see areas of my life now he’s testing me on a new level. What I got away with before, I won’t be able to get away with anymore. God is truly getting serious about his relationship with me and the purpose he has for my life.

I challenge you to take your own praise and worship to another level and find true freedom in appreciating God for who he is. In remembering where God has brought you from, you’ll begin to see your current situation isn’t even half as bad. A lot of the times hard moments will hit and we’ll say “Lord I don’t know how I’m gone make it through this”, but not knowing we’ve said this very thing before and God brought us through the previous struggle, so what makes our current one any different?

Now that I understand the freedom in praise and worship, I can allow God to reign openly in my life like never before.