Monthly Archive: November, 2012

A Holiday Greeting

A quick Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. I hope that everyone is enjoying their families and reflecting on the things they’re thankful for. Tuesday night church service my pastor said something that… Continue reading

Self-Sabotage: Too Much Too Soon

**Another old post I dug up out of my drafts (November 2011) and felt the message was still relevant. Short, simple and to the point. Pay attention ladies this one is for you!**… Continue reading

An Unchanging Truth

**An old draft post I decided to dig up and finally finish. Amazing how stuff can still be relevant. I started this post in August of 2011.** The devil can’t change God’s truth,… Continue reading

This Part of the Journey She Must Walk Alone

I have a tendency to want to save people I care about when I see them going through a tough time. But God constantly reminds me that I’m not a Saviour, but that… Continue reading

Today’s the DAY: Election 2012

Be sure to vote today if you haven’t already! It doesn’t matter who you vote for, but that you take advantage of an opportunity to make history. Make sure you’re educated about the… Continue reading

Music Video: Poetic Lace “Day After Day”

Many people may know that I’m not too fond of Gospel rappers. Sometimes, I just find myself a little confused about their music. However, there is one Gospel rapper I actually do like… Continue reading