A Holiday Greeting

A quick Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. I hope that everyone is enjoying their families and reflecting on the things they’re thankful for.

Tuesday night church service my pastor said something that stuck out to me: “In order to be thankful you have to think first.”  Which means, you can’t be thankful if you haven’t thought about where God has brought you from. Because God has brought us all a long way, it should be our reasonable service to thank him and give God due praise.  Everyone has something to be thankful for; even if it seems like you’re taking baby steps. I know I’m not perfect by far and I still mess up; but I’m not where I used to be by any means. Everyday my walk with God is a work in progress.

I encourage you to read Psalm 100, and consider today not just a day of “thanksgiving” but a day of praise to God for all that he’s done and for all that he will do.

Happy Thanksgiving once again to you and your family. =)


Self-Sabotage: Too Much Too Soon

**Another old post I dug up out of my drafts (November 2011) and felt the message was still relevant. Short, simple and to the point. Pay attention ladies this one is for you!**

If a man isn’t treating you how you want to be treated as a woman, it would seem to make sense to leave him alone and find someone else who actually appreciates you and builds you up to be a better woman.  But so often, this is easier said than done. I’ve seen so many women (including myself)  who would rather settle for a guy and compromise their own value, than realize that they deserve better.

My mother text me something today and it’s been on my mind all day: “Learn to stand on what you say or no one will respect you.” And this made me realize I don’t want to keep compromising what I really want in a man. Everytime I compromise I loose a sense of respect, and I also let myself down because I’m not upholding my own standards.  If I can’t uphold my own standards, then I can’t expect the guy I’m trying to be with either. You can’t ask someone to do anymore than you’re able and willing to do yourself.

Another thing I realized is that too often we sabotage ourselves when it comes to relationships. Many of us (again, myself included) will give a guy too much, too soon and then try and take it back. But once we’ve allowed ourselves to be open to someone, it’s done. You can’t have that moment back. Before you give a guy anything, being it physical or even emotional, make sure they’re worthy enough to share it with you and that they’ll be able to appreciate what you have to share. Otherwise, they’ll take what you’re sharing and use it to their advantage, leaving you at a disadvantage.

An Unchanging Truth

**An old draft post I decided to dig up and finally finish. Amazing how stuff can still be relevant. I started this post in August of 2011.**

The devil can’t change God’s truth, so don’t allow him to easily deceive you. In my devotion the other day I came across the scripture Act 4:12-14. In this scripture it talks about how Peter and John boldly spoke about God even though the high priest had told them not too.  After hearing Peter and John speak  the high priest couldn’t find anything bad to say or contradict the truth. It was then they knew Peter and John were men of God.

The devil will try and make you avoid dealing with the truth. The longer you avoid the truth, then it creates more room for the devil to come in, because the devil is after your mind.

A lot of the times it seems we may try and make “deals” with the devil when we’re sinning and we think doing things our way will be better than waiting on God, but in the end it doesn’t change the truth. And the truth is God’s word and his will for our lives. The devil can make things seem more enticing or more pleasing, but once we’re done we will find out the same truth we knew before we even messed with temptation in the first place. A lot of the times before we even do something, we already know whether God will approve or not, but we will look for ways to justify the wrong we’re about to do. When it’s all over we still have to face God’s truth. If something is not meant to be, our behavior won’t force God to change his mind.

God’s way and his will, ALWAYS overrides what we want. Nothing can change that. Sometimes it’s best we be honest with ourselves, even when the truth may not be what we want to hear. The sooner we accept that God’s truth will never change, the better off we’ll be in our walk with him.

This is probably one I struggle with the most. I’ve gotten so that I’ll ask God about something one month and I’ll get an answer; usually one I don’t like for whatever the reason. Then a few months later ask again to see if he’ll give me the same answer.  Most of the time, the answer doesn’t change. Once God has spoken his will must be carried out; even when it’s not something you want to do. The good thing is that God’s truth isn’t contingent upon our emotions or feelings. It’s the same everyday and always.

This Part of the Journey She Must Walk Alone

I have a tendency to want to save people I care about when I see them going through a tough time. But God constantly reminds me that I’m not a Saviour, but that He’s in control.

I have a close of mine really going through some trying times and so many times I’ve tried to save her. We’ve had long talks, I’ve been there for her through late night and tears and yet she’s continued to run right back into the same mess I keep trying to pull her out of. Every time I see her, in my spirit I feel everything; even when she doesn’t say it. Sometimes it really hurts to watch her go through; especially considering I’ve watched my own mother go through a similar struggle. In that situation I learned no amount of tears would could save my mom,it was just something she had to go through.

Recently it seems my friend has become distant from me and has stopped responding to my phone calls and text. Part of it could be me seeming overbearing; but in her eyes I’m only overbearing because I’m always reminding her that God is the only one she can truly trust to fix her situation. She’s one of those people who aren’t quite open to truly trusting God yet, so she thinks I come off as “talking holy than thou” when I’m not. I have plenty of trash to tote around in my own trash bag, but I also know that God has seen me through a lot of it and that I’m not who I used to be. Even if I’m still not perfect.

In saying all of that, I’ve never had a friendship that weighed this heavy on me. The last time I felt this heavy about anything was with my own mother. The lesson I had to learn then is still present before me now: I CAN’T SAVE PEOPLE. I’M NOT GOD. And it’s not that I try to be, but everything in me wishes that I could just snatch my friend out and shake her to her senses. But God has a way.

This morning I woke up and I started writing a poem about her. When I got towards the end, I kept hearing God say “This part of the journey she must walk alone” It was the clearest line in the whole poem. When I heard this it really hurt me. When God tells me to let people go, I always feel like part of me is giving up on them. I know I’m not and that I must trust God to see them through the rest of their journey; but it hurts so bad. It almost feels like punishment to sit in silence.

But I know that if my friend doesn’t go through this on her own, then God may never get his Glory in showing her who He really is. At this point, I’m left sitting on the sidelines to pray.

Anyone who reads this, please keep my friend in your prayers as well; intercession is heavily needed.

Today’s the DAY: Election 2012

Be sure to vote today if you haven’t already! It doesn’t matter who you vote for, but that you take advantage of an opportunity to make history. Make sure you’re educated about the candidates, amendments and other policies listed on the ballet and VOTE! I especially encourage as many young people as possible to vote, because we are a big part of the future!

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts and opinions on this year’s election.

Music Video: Poetic Lace “Day After Day”

Many people may know that I’m not too fond of Gospel rappers. Sometimes, I just find myself a little confused about their music. However, there is one Gospel rapper I actually do like and he’s a local Jacksonville artist that I support. Poetic Lace is at it again with his latest music video for “Day After Day.” This track can be found on his debut album When Silence Falls.   Be sure to support and check out the video link below:

For anyone interested in keeping up with the latest updates from Poetic Lace, or for more music and videos by this artist, be sure to follow him on Twitter “@PoeticLace” or check out his Facebook page “Artist Poetic Lace.” I love supporting local artists, especially when the message in their music is positive.