You Are Not Your Struggles or Your Past

Yesterday, my pastor said something in church that I’d like to share: “You are not your struggles or your past.” In fact it’s in our weakness that God is made strong and He’s able to get the glory out of our life. We don’t always have to grow in situations where all the elements are “perfect”, sometimes growth can come during adversity. Don’t despise the tough times that God is using in your life to help you mature in your walk with him.

Also in having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday, I realized revealing areas you struggle with doesn’t make you “weak.” Being able to openly confront areas of trouble is actually a sign of maturity. It shows you’re willing to acknowledge the problem and hopefully find a solution. We must be able to see ourselves for where we really are and admit when, we’ve missed the mark; because WE ALL HAVE! I’m sure there is a lot in our lives that God wants to help us heal and fix, but God can’t do so until we openly confess. Don’t be afraid to be open with God about the hard things in life you’re dealing with. There’s a freedom found in His love.



Spiritual Stability

Lately it seems the only thing I’ve been asking for in my life has been stability. Financial stability, emotional stability but most of all spiritual stability. I want to be able to trust God no matter what I’m going through and not have my faith waver because of what the outer circumstances may seem.

I came across this link while searching the web for scriptures on “Spiritual stability.” I thought it was something worth sharing and I hope it blesses you as much as it did me. It was something that gave me the encouragement I needed. The last few weeks of my life have been whirl winds because I’ve been doing a lot more lately. Between 2 internships and working, among other family issues, things started to pile up and seem overwhelming. For a minute I felt like I had lost my sense of peace and needed to know God was still there.

So I encourage you all to read and enjoy the link. Allow it to be a blessing:  Spiritual Stability