A Stretch

For whatever reason, the last half of the year has been more than interesting for me.  Since the beginning of the summer,  my life has taken this intriguing shift. During the summer I lived with my mother and I was helping to take care of my siblings while she was on the road with truck driving. During the few months I lived back home, it seemed to be this “crunch time” in my life. A lot was going on with me spiritually and emotionally. It was a crash course in having to take on responsibility I didn’t really ask for and then grow up.

During that time period it was a fight. My relationship with the Lord was put to the test and needless to say I had some moments where I wasn’t at my best, but when I finally moved out it was something I could appreciate a lot more, having endured what I did during the summer.

It’s as if in the last several months, my life has been on the move. After going through that I transitioned into moving into my own apartment (with a roommate of course) and then transitioning to a new job. Talk about a fast turnaround.  It happened so fast that it felt like God had blew a wind I got swept away in it. I’m still in a very exciting (and somewhat scary) transitioning period, but I am still thankful for God moving the way that he does in my life.

For once in my life I’m at a place where I don’t feel stagnant or stuck. I feel like I finally accomplished something. I moved out and I’m working towards building a successful career in a field I enjoy. Although everything in my life still isn’t perfect, or even quite where I want it to be, I know that God has me where he wants me to be.

In the last couple of months God has really taken me through some stretching moments. Moments that have forced me to reckon with his purpose for my life and grow up.  When I think of everything I went through this year, in what seems like a crunched time period, I think of James 1:4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

There were times this past year I felt like I was in “Christian boot camp”, but in the end I can honestly say I gained more than I lost. My pastor once mentioned that whenever you go through things, and you’ truly belong to God, when you do come out, you won’t be in the negative.

Meaning, even though I went through my rough patch (and there was a whole month I cried everyday..I kid you not) in the end I somehow came out stronger. My faith in God got a lot stronger. I knew in the end, he was the only reason I stuck around and kept hold of the little faith I did have at the time. God was really stretching me to see what I could handle. His grace was mighty. He really used this time period to show me how great He is.

Hopefully this helps explain why I kind of fell off in posting, but despite that I have been growing and I’m still writing; just haven’t had time to post like I used to. None the less, I’m glad to share when I can. =)