Prayer Works

I’m sure the idea that “prayer works” is no secret to any true believing Christian. I titled this post that to say in short, that I today I began a new consecration period of my life. I was challenged this weekend and initially I threw a fit because, let’s face it no one likes being told they need to get it together.


I said all that to say, one of the things I’m getting back into is upping my prayer life. This morning marked day one and I can literally say I’ve been full off of that prayer ALL DAY! I kid you not. It was so much strength in that prayer this morning.  I am truly thankful for my mentor being my prayer partner this morning. That prayer we did this morning, brought me on through my day. It set the tone for my day and my spirit has been full all day.

Normally at work, I can be kind of sluggish and relaxed about things, but today even when working I felt more enthused about my work and my purpose at work. Physically I may have been tired, but spiritually I was full. I didn’t feel nearly as empty as I had been feeling lately. #prayerworks!!

So thankful for my prayer partner though…great stuff. I’m hoping that this time of consecration really builds me up and gives me the strength I need to continue to grow stronger in my love walk with the Lord. I encourage anyone who reads this to find them a prayer partner or even to just increase your life of prayer. It makes a difference. A simple conversation with God can change everything.

Below is a picture I posted to my instagram to share my devotion and my motivation for this morning. Hope it helps someone else today along their spiritual journey. #change #growth #spiritualmaturity