Your Scars Are Beautiful to God


This is the current book I’m reading and it has been an amazing story to read. The first 10-15 pages I could barely get through because I kept crying tears. I kept crying because immediately the words began to hit home with my own scars from my past life.  It’s funny how I randomly picked this book up last minute while in the library last week, and how when I began reading I realized it wasn’t a random choice at all. God meant for me to pick up this book and read it.

Reading it has helped me shed a whole new light onto my own past. It has helped me to see that truly all things work together for the greater good of God. I’ve been prophesied to several times that I was supposed to write  a book to help young girls and young women, but often times I’ve felt disqualified because of my past, or I’ve felt overwhelmed in figuring out where to even start.  However, after reading this book, it’s obvious that my past has well qualified me to help others. My scars from my past are  a testimony and those are the stories I need to tell. My scars are a true testimony that it’s not always how you start, but how you finish. It’s a reflection of God’s love. How he accepts us as we are, but once we come in he cleans us up. He doesn’t just leave us how he found us.  The scars are a sign of healing by nature, an open wound was once there, but through the healing of Christ  the wound has been closed and healed.

The book talks about not being ashamed to tell the story behind our scars and what we went through for God to get us where we are today. It’s through our scars that other people are able to recognize the power of God in our lives. If we’re able to overcome our situations, then God wants us to use those moments to spread encouragement to others. This book really gave me a different outlook about everything I’ve gone through since my childhood. It’s given me strength and encouragement to really begin to dig deep and revisit some of the  hard places in my life. This time when I revisit them, my mindset won’t be one of regret, or shame, but one of a willingness to see the beauty in that scarred place of my life and the good that God meant for it.

I encourage others to join with me as I continue to read this book and share their experiences of scars from their past. I pray that the book be a healing to anyone else who reads it and has had trouble dealing with their past. The book is truly a blessing, an eye opener and definitely a life changer.