Wholeheartedly Satisfied

I’m a sucker for some good praise and worship music. I love it, I do!!  When I listen to The Walls group’s song Satisfied, it gets me every time. I know I did a previous post on them, but I have to repost it, because what they’re saying is so key!!  How many people, saved or unsaved can truly wholeheartedly say they’re satisfied with God alone? So many times we find ourselves looking for substitutes, but God is all we will ever need. If we took the time to truly understand all that God has to offer us, and how much he gives to us even when we’re undeserving….I praise him right now! It may not seem like a deep word, but it’s still loaded, and it’s great. #Thankful

This video is of them singing Satisfied in acapella for Essence and they’re great. I mean, you can’t hear them, listen to what they’re saying and not be blessed.



Signed #WholeheartedlySatisfied


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