Book Club ( Healing is A Choice) Discussion 1: Introduction

Thank you to everyone who has tuned in to be a part of this online book club. I’m excited and ready to hear everyone’s thoughts and feed back. WELCOME TO OUR FIRST SESSION!

Again the book we’re reading is “Healing is a Choice” by Stephen Arterburn (Click here to read previous blog post about the online book club and a synopsis of the book)

Just to get us started here are my general thoughts on the introduction:

-The introduction really helps set the tone for the rest of the healing journey. If you want to be healed, you really do have to start with a made up mind to do so. I’ve found in my own spiritual walk this has been easier said than done. But once your mind is made up, there’s no turning back. But it takes God really helping you to see the full picture of where he’s trying to take you.

-I found it interesting on page xvi where the author mentions how often we ask God to heal us, but a lot  of the times we put in a request and don’t take action afterwards. Faith without works is dead.  I enjoyed when he touched base on how many people just want God to make things easy and take their pain and troubles away; and although God can, he chooses to do otherwise because our healing goes beyond the simple removal of the pain.

This hit home with me, because for so long in my own situation I have wished for God to take away my desires to do wrong, or remove a person from my life so it can be easier to let them go. But recently God has been showing me that the healing process is meant to work some other things out of us, so that God can have room to impart greater things into us. If he just took our pain away, we’d never get to the root of our bad behaviors, or we’d never get to the  root of why we have certain desires. God wants more than a simple surface healing for our lives. He wants us to heal and be made whole.

-I connected when the author mentioned how some people choose not to get healed because it has become comfortable. I can relate because I recently started feeling comfortable in a soul-tie I had been fighting for years. And I understand how someone might feel when you think you’re fighting and you’re giving it all you got, yet you never see real results. I felt defeated for years. But I’ve learned that to choose to stay comfortable with our pain is the same as choosing death. We will eventually kill ourselves from the inside out by staying “comfortable”. So instead, God has been working on helping me to choose life by choosing not to stay stuck in my pain.


Here are a few questions for anyone to feel free to comment on and join in:


1.  What are some areas you need healing in? What do you think is keeping you from getting completely healed in these areas?

2.  What are some things you have overcome that you never thought you would? How did God see you through that challenge? If God has brought you through that, know that he can also bring you through your current trials.

3. Why do you think some people might refuse healing?

4. Why do you think God chooses us to experience our trials and troubles even though he could simply remove the pain or take us out of a situation?

5.  Share your general thoughts. Questions you want to ask to the group ( leave in comment box below)




The first choice: The Choice to Connect Your Life

The first big lie: “All I need to heal is just God and Me.”

I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback throughout the next week and looking forward to continuing our discussion on next Friday! Hopefully we’re on our way to an interesting journey of healing with one another! #Happyhealing #Movingforward