A Moment of Encouragement

I shared this video to say: Don’t let fear stop your from accomplishing what God has planned for your life. Fear is not of God, and is used by the devil to keep up discouraged. If you know God has spoken some things over your life, know that it’s a done deal. The enemy can’t stop you. He can delay you getting there, he can cause things to be roadblocks; but only if you let him. Please be encouraged this morning, wherever you are on your journey.

Fear kept me from doing a lot of things God had spoken over my life, but now that I’ve learned how to walk in the boldness of who he made me to be, I can get scared but still press on. Whatever God says is true and through hell and high waters, it will come to pass. All God needs you to do is follow.

Last night in bible study, my pastor said that life is never technically “uncertain.” Even when the physical things seem out of order and confused; God is working on things that we have no knowledge of. He holds our lives in his Hands and if he says it is so, IT IS SO! Thank God for a God who can see the whole picture, who can see beyond our current situations and can plan accordingly. He is faithful, and I know this to be more than true in my own life; so I know what he can do for yours.

So I encourage you to look fear in the face today and remember that you are a child of God. When God speaks, he’s already given us what we need to go through the journey of wherever he’s trying to take us. The challenge for today is to trust what he’s put in you and instead of walking in fear, walk in the peace of God’s love.


#encouraged and #strengthened


Chapter 4 Discussion for Healing is A Choice

I apologize for the late posting, but nevertheless here it is:

Chapter 4 : The Choice to Heal Your Future

The big lie: “Time Heals All Wounds”

Here are my notes and commentary:

-It’s not the time that heals the wound, it’s how that time is spent dealing with the roots of the wound.

-Cleansing ourselves from our past helps heal our future.

– pg 82 “..let go of the concept of God in which he is supposed to protect us from all hurt and pain.” So many Christians fall for this lie. Being a Christian does not mean God will save you from hurt.

-The longer we live with our wounds and accommodate for them; the more damage we do to our lives.

-Heal the future by letting go of the past. No hope for the future if you let the past become part of your present.

-Can’t invest in our future, when our hearts are still invested in our past.

-In Hebrews 12 it talks about casting aside anything that might weight us down as we run the race for Christ. For me, this was my past. I had held onto so much baggage that I couldn’t freely run the race with all the extra weight. It wasn’t until I let it all go and gave it to God that I could run with a new found freedom in Christ.


1. Why might it be hard to let your past go?

2. Why do you think people easily fall for the lie “time heals all wounds?”

3. Share an experience where you had a hard time letting go of something from your past. What did it take for you to let it go, get healing and move on in that area of your life?

Discussion3: Chapters 2 & 3 Healing is a Choice

Welcome back to another discussion for Healing is a Choice. We are now officially on to discussion 3. Today we’ll look at Chapters 2-3.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading the book. There’s so much in this book that could be used during a healing process. There’s always something we need healing from. Even when we think our lives are perfect, God is always healing us to make us even better vessels for him to use.

Chapter 2

The Second Choice: The Choice to Feel Your Life

Second Big Lie: “Real Christians should have a real peace in all circumstances”


Question#1: Why is feeling pain good for a healing process?

In chapter 2, the author talks about the concept of dying to self. Just because we feel something, doesn’t mean we have to bow and worship that emotion. When we choose to do that we give it more power over our lives. We can choose to resolve the emotion and heal or choose to revolve around the emotion because we haven’t gotten proper healing.

Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean God is going to stop you from experiencing pain. Sometimes it’s through the pain that we grow. Not all pain is bad. God will use some pain to push us to purpose. There’s so many examples of this in the Bible: Joseph, Samson and David to name a few.

Know that whenever we go through something, God is always going to provide a way out. The victory has been declared, it’s just our responsibility to endure during the journey. God has already given us what we need to get through and fight.


Question# 2: Why do you think so many people fall for the big lie # 2?

Chapter 3

The Third Choice: to Investigate Your Life in Search of Truth

The Third big Lie: It Does no Good to Look Back or Look Inside

Question#3: What’s the value in revisiting your past for the healing process?

Everything that God has taken you through is never in vain. Even the hurt from our past has purpose in our future healing. God knows just what trials to give us so that he may have the glory in our lives.

Question#4: Why don’t people like revisiting their past?

Through my mentor I’ve learned the value in having a person of accountability during your healing process. We all need that one person we can be naked and unashamed with. And by “naked” I mean, we can lay our emotions before this person and they aren’t going to judge us. This is the person we can always trust to have our best interest at heart, through the good, the bad and ugly.

My mentor is that person for me. Because I felt safe with her I can trust that when I come to her, she’s there as a helping hand through my healing process. My suggestion would be to make sure the person is stronger than you in their faith walk with God. That way you have someone stronger to draw from who has enough strength to keep you going and it won’t feel like a loss to them per say.

If we never revisit the past, then we can never confront the root of where the pain really began. Although it can be scary, it’s worth it. I’ve had to dig deep in my own life’s past and there were thing hiding inside that I didn’t even realize until I really thought things through. Sometimes, it takes having moments to yourselves to think it through and allow yourself to go there again. But when revisiting that moment, let the pain go and allow God to enlighten you of the purpose.

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Next week we’ll discuss Chapter 4 of Healing is a Choice. Chapter 4 is the choice to heal your future and the lie: time heals all wounds.

What are you thoughts? Looking forward to feedback and praying that others are being touched while reading through the book. #amen




Waiting to Have Sex Until Marriage

I read this article and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A woman had waited until she got married to give her virginity to her husband, but in doing so she end up battling unexpected  emotional trauma. Once you read the article, maybe you’ll understand better, but the article is heavy. It says so much and it’s a lot to digest.

But let it be known the bottom line is 1. We should serve God out of relationship, not just to be “religious” and 2. Don’t let anyone fool you by saying it’s not worth the wait. Trust me it is. I chose not to wait and there was a lot I went through because of that. I think the bigger picture is making sure young girls are properly educated about sex on both a physical and spiritual level.

I mean really. I wish someone had told me what a soul tie was. I wish someone had even told me sex comes with emotional baggage. I wasn’t ready to handle any of that stuff because I was never taught.

After reading the article I would like to hear your thoughts and comments. I know there is a lot to be said.

I Waited to Have Sex Until Marriage and was Disappointed


Count The Cost

Everyday life lesson #101:

In the last month I’ve learned that there’s a price to paid when God wants to keep you single and saved. My schedule has been so full between work and church lately, I don’t know what to do with myself. This definitely leaves less time for the flesh to have it’s way and it’s definitely teaching me patience, discipline and the importance of prioritizing in life.



Book Club Discussion 2: The Choice to Connect to Your Life (Chapter 1)

Hello everyone, hope your week has been great. Thank you for those who read the blog or either gave their feedback. The support and the feedback was appreciated.  This week our discussion focuses on Chapter 1 of Healing is a Choice.

Let me make a quick correction and apologies. In a previous post I put that we would be reading chapter 2, but then I realized our last discussion was only on the introduction. So this week we will focus on Chapter 1, not chapter 2. Sorry if there was any confusion.  I do apologize for the mix up.

Chapter 1 deals with the choice to connect your life and the big lie “All I need to heal is God and me

Right off the bat, the big lie got me.  I thought about how easy it can be to believe that all you need is God to heal. Although there is some truth to this statement, God also sent people in the earth to help us through our healing process. I know from personal experience that it takes a support network to heal. Fellow-shipping with other believers during your time of healing is almost essential so that you don’t allow the devil to seclude you from others that can be your strength and source of encouragement.

When the author discusses Rachel’s journey of connection with her past, it made me realize that there’s a difference between acknowledging the pain and then choosing to deal with it in order to be healed. It seemed like initially Rachel simply acknowledged her pain, but then she buried it deep and tried to forget it. But she had never really dealt with it. It wasn’t until she started going to counseling and openly speaking with others that she started to deal with what she had been feeling.

I’m guilty of this. When it comes to my parents this is me all day at times. I used to swear up and down for years I had forgiven them. I felt like once I had made it to college I was free. I had made it further than they did in life and I felt like I had an opportunity to prove my point that I had turned out “okay” in life despite my childhood. Little did I know how deep some of my pain went. I essentially  spent half of college making choices out of pain, not realizing it until my senior year when it became obvious there were some things I had never dealt with.

It wasn’t until after college that I was able to openly speak to someone about my childhood and start to really feel and understand the depths of all that I had experienced in my childhood. Even until this day, I’m still digging deep in that area of my life.

The author talked about the wall of weight that overweight people use to “protect themselves” from connecting with others. This made me think about how, when we choose not to connect and deal with the true emotion, then we connect to other stuff that’s not always healthy. For overweight people, they connect with their food and their weight because it’s comfort. It helps them avoid the possibility of more pain. For me, it was sex and men. For years that became my comfort of connection.

Connecting with others really takes courage and faith. Not in the other person, but in God. Connecting with others isn’t easy. It’s still something I’m working on. Because for so long the only way I knew to connect with people was if I wanted something done, or if I wanted sex. I was used to connecting with people in a selfish manner, but now God is showing me more about making genuine connections with people and connecting with others with his purpose in mind; not my own selfish agenda. One of my biggest connections has been found in my mentor. It was through her I found a place of safety where I knew I could finally be heard. That was a connection I grew up missing and God allowed her to help fill that missing link.


I could go on and on about connecting. I’ve already been long winded, so please please please feel free to answer the questions below, or chime in with a comment on something I mentioned in my general thoughts.

1. Why do you think it’s important for us to have supportive people around us during our healing process?

2. What are some reasons people avoid making connections with others?

3. Who are the three people closes to you? How are you connected to them? How have these connections lead to growth or healing in your life?

Next week, we will discuss Chapter 2 and 3. Just to pick up the pace a little bit. For that posts, hopefully I won’t be as long winded.  Again, please spread the word about the online discussion. Invite people to read the blog and share the posts with others. I invite others to comment and leave feedback. I love hearing from other people and their healing journey.