Monthly Archive: August, 2014

A Moment of Encouragement

I shared this video to say: Don’t let fear stop your from accomplishing what God has planned for your life. Fear is not of God, and is used by the devil to keep… Continue reading

Chapter 4 Discussion for Healing is A Choice

“Cleansing ourselves from our past helps heal our future.”

Discussion3: Chapters 2 & 3 Healing is a Choice

Welcome back to another discussion for Healing is a Choice. We are now officially on to discussion 3. Today we’ll look at Chapters 2-3. I hope everyone is enjoying reading the book. There’s… Continue reading

Waiting to Have Sex Until Marriage

I read this article and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A woman had waited until she got married to give her virginity to her husband, but in doing so she end… Continue reading

Count The Cost

Everyday life lesson #101: In the last month I’ve learned that there’s a price to paid when God wants to keep you single and saved. My schedule has been so full between work… Continue reading

Book Club Discussion 2: The Choice to Connect to Your Life (Chapter 1)

Hello everyone, hope your week has been great. Thank you for those who read the blog or either gave their feedback. The support and the feedback was appreciated.  This week our discussion focuses… Continue reading

“Clap it Up” Poetic Lace

Here’s the latest from Poetic Lace with his new video and single “Clap it Up”. Shout out to the special guests United untied.  Be sure to visit Poetic Lace website, Facebook page and… Continue reading