Chapter 6 Discussion: Healing is a Choice

Moving along with our discussions from Healing is a Choice. I’m determined to get through all my discussions. Life continues to keep me busy however. But I’ll keep posting when I can nevertheless.

Chapter 6 “The Choice to Embrace Your Life”

Big Lie: “If I just act as if there is no problem, it will finally go away.”

I liked the point the author made on page 113, where he talks about embracing all the bad moments in our lives and later God will make it seem like those bad moments were part of his plan for your life all along.

Must embrace the good with the bad. Don’t segment our lives. It’s the same life whether things are going good or bad. Good can’t be good without having the bad to compare it to and vice versa.

Part of embracing life is adjusting our expectations of life. pg.114 when we want things to go one way and they turn out differently; embrace life and make the adjustments.  Ultimately God has something better in store.

“He will make the best come out of the worst if you will trust him to do so.” pg. 114

Embracing the abrasive. pg.115-116 God uses people around you as “grace growers.” They cause you to grow/stretch and help develop your character.

Difficult moments create great testimonies for God to get the honor in our lives.

When we embrace our lives, it can draw others to Christ through us being a living testimony


1. What are some things you’ve experienced in life that have forced you to make an adjustment? How did you handle the adjustment? In the end, how did that adjustment help further the plan God has for your life?

2. Describe a “grace growing” moment in your life. How did you feel going through that moment/experience?

3. Why is it important to embrace the good and bad in our lives?