Lead by the Spirit

Be Led by the Spirit

by Joyce Meyer – posted November 03, 2014

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (emancipation from bondage, freedom).
—2 Corinthians 3:17
One of the most dynamic ways to keep your joy is to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you (see Psalm 139:24). If you pray first, asking God for a plan, He will never push you into a work of the flesh. Instead, His Holy Spirit prompts, guides, and gently leads you to a place of joy; He will never manipulate or control you. If you are too consumed with your own plan, too locked into the way you think things ought to be, you won’t even hear God speak to you or recognize the promptings from Him. If you are too determined to follow your own ritualistic rules, you can miss the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit and lose the joy God intends for you to have.It is not wrong to have a plan, but always offer your plan to God and tell Him that if He has something else in mind, you are willing to submit to Him.Power Thought: The Spirit of the Lord has led me out of bondage and into a life of freedom and joy.

The last month of my life has been filled with changes between work, moving back to my grandmother’s house and even changes in my family. Throughout this change God has had to constantly remind me that in the middle of the change, he’s my stability when everything else seems out of place. It’s been a constant lesson I’ve had to learn because of childhood issues I’ve had with instability. But over and over again, he sends reminders to calm my soul’s inner anxiety. I was looking for a devotional scripture to share with a family member this morning and came across the scripture above.

The explanation is what stuck with me the most, about making sure that we’re flexible enough that God can adjust us for HIS will and having joy in making the adjustment. Too often I’ve been the planner who has to have everything go a certain way and if it doesn’t I find myself getting frustrated. But what I’ve learned is that God is not only working on my fear of change, but he’s working the spirit of control out of me as well. As I got older, I thought the remedy to stability was trying to control my life in this box, but God has shown me different. He’s trying to get me to see life outside of my control box and give him more free reign in all areas of my life.

The more changes occur and the more I learn to adjust and trust God during the adjustment period, I’m learning how to let go and trust him more and more. It helps me to lay down my own plans and ideas and instead be more open to hear HIS plans so that I don’t miss where he’s trying to take me.

So I encourage you to follow the Holy Spirit and allow him to guide you in ALL areas of your life. Don’t be afraid to let go of your plans to make the adjustments for where God wants to take you instead. Where ever God wants to lead you will ultimately lead you to eternal joy, while following your own plans might only lead to something temporarily satisfying.