I was listening to this message by TD Jakes this morning and it was truly a great reminder and a good note of encouragement to continue to fight for what God has promised for your life. This year God has spoken a lot of things over my life and after hearing this message, it was a great reminder to get back on my horse and keep fighting for what God has spoken.

In recent church services we’ve also talked about “God not being slack on his promises…so that none should perish” (Paraphrase). And this has also hit home with me, that my “Yes Lord” and my ability to keep fighting for what he’s spoken is always connected to someone else God wants to reach.

The idea of “fighting” has been a constant theme in my life all year long. It seems to be a constant thing God keep reminding me of. Over and over in the big and small things God keeps saying to fight. I thank God for being faithful and always showing me who he is in all things.

Please let this message be an encouragement to you, even as we enter into the new year ahead. Fight! Fight with God’s purpose in mind and for the sake of allowing God to get the glory in all that you do.