I love experiencing all that God has to offer in my life. I enjoy his peace in my life. I enjoy his love and joy in my life. But more than anything, I enjoy when other people can experience Christ for themselves and share in the joy of what I’ve been experiencing.


This morning when I came to work a coworker of mine came to me and told me about her experience with Christ over the weekend and it made me realize how contagious the joy of the Lord can be. I’m not sure about anyone else, but when other people start talking about Christ and what he’s done in their lives, my soul lights up and I rejoice because it’s nothing like being around other believers.

This coworker of mine, she’s not necessarily a spiritual person, but she has her moments with Christ. Personally I have prayed for her a few times, particularly concerning her and her husbands marriage. This past weekend she went to visit her brother in laws church down in Gainesville and this morning when she told me her experience, I was so excited for her. I was glad that she had had this amazing experience with God. There are some things that you just have to experience for yourself with Christ. No matter how much you try to describe them to others, essentially they just have to walk in for themselves to really know.

So when she told me about her experience at altar call and special prayer and how she felt refreshed and light hearted afterwards, I couldn’t do anything but smile because I knew she had experienced something genuine. Something I knew she would remember the rest of her life. An experience, that opened her eyes to something different about her relationship with Christ. And it made me happy that she was happy and had felt that joyous experience.

The kicker of it all was that she was so excited about her experience that she kept sharing with others in the office. And I kept saying to myself how great God’s joy is. When God really touches you, it’s almost like you can’t contain the joy from it and something in you feels compelled to share. And knowing what kind of person she is, to hear her share just really touched me and inspired me. I was just genuinely glad that she’d had that experience, because ultimately I hope that more people truly come to experience Christ like never before. To truly experience Christ is priceless and always life changing.

But the more she shared I could see it on her face, I could tell in her demeanor, that her experience was real. I got joy from her having joy knowing that God is always at work. How can I not rejoice when he touches someone and they come to know him as I’ve come to know him?  How great is it that we can share in that joyous experience together?

I almost don’t have words for it myself, but truly God’s joy is contagious. I got excited because she was excited and I know what it feels like. It really is a certain joy you can’t have to share. You can’t talk about the goodness of Christ and your spirit not feel something uplifting. His joy is just too contagious.

I pray that even after reading this, that you may experience Christ’s joy like never before and spread his word to others in your life. Amen.

Romans 15:13 – Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.


There Are No Blueprints in Life

So I’ve known for a while that God has wanted me to write a book, I’m sure it’s no surprise to the people who know me or to anyone who’s been reading my blog. Problem is, I keep writing and stopping, writing and stopping and often I find myself frustrated.

One of the reasons I find myself frustrated is because I keep telling God that I don’t have a blueprint for what he’s asking me to do. I complain that I have all these obstacles before me, that I have no one I know to really guide me through it step by step. The list of complaints and excuses could go on and on.

Recently, as I was walking home from work I found myself complaining to God about my current state of limbo and that I feel so lost because I feel like God took all my comfort and safety away. So even though I know I could’ve been focusing on writing the book, I allowed my mind to be idle.

As I’m complaining, I clearly heard God say there are no blueprints in life, you just have to trust that I know what’s best. What I didn’t realize until that moment, was that even though we all may experience the same life, we all have different experiences and different situations. No one tells us in advance what’s going to happen. There is never a solid plan from A to B, and even when you do plan something is bound to change because that’s just the nature of this thing called: LIFE.

God was also so kind to remind me of the many people in the Bible who were asked to do task without having a blueprint.  Abraham, Gideon, David, Moses…There’s a whole chapter of witnesses in Hebrews. So really, what’s my excuse? If we had an exact blueprint then what good would faith be?

When God gives you a task and there’s a calling on your life, saying that you don’t know how to do it, or where to begin is an excuse. If God has given you a task to complete ( big or small) he’s more than likely given you all that you need. And if he hasn’t then believe that doors will be open and people will be placed in your path to help along the way. Also, the fact that you may think that you have no idea what you’re doing is all the more reason to allow God to lead you because ultimately he will get the glory out of the situation and that’s what he wants. He wants to be able to use your life to get Glory to be a testimony to someone else.

So, what “testimony” would I have to look forward to if I knew the exact plan for writing this book? What Glory would God get if I had it all figured out? He’s teaching me how to trust him and lean on him even more as my help and that I can’t write this book without him. Although there aren’t in blueprints in life, if we trust God to guide us he’ll surely get us where we need to go.


Fighting for The Faith

Christians Beheaded

Pictures like this make me wonder, how much we take Christianity for granted in America. How many Americans would be willing to really fight to defend the faith? In America we complain that we have to die “spiritual deaths” to do God’s will, but what if it came to this..a literal death for the sake of the faith?

I’m sure many of us would find this challenging; even myself. But it makes me rethink my love commitment to Christ and His Word. Too often I’ve heard in other countries where Christians have to hide to practice the faith, and in America we take it for granted that we have the freedom to practice our faith. The ability to pray, read our Bible and go to church without being targeted and harmed for our belief.

What if is all I can say…

Because who knows what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot..Just my thoughts.

Ehhh..=/ Limbo

So a few weeks ago, I deleted my PopKultur3 blog and everything that went with it. For those who don’t know, PopKultur3 was another blog I had that started out as a fashion and entertainment blog; it later blossomed into part of my Social Media Marketing Company plan. I had been writing on the blog since 2011 and what started as a hobby and just something I had a passion for, eventually turned into this crazy little monster.

For a little over a year, I’ve been hearing God tell me to delete the blog. Initially I “ignored” him and kept doing what I was doing. For the last 3 years I had gotten really caught up in trying to make PopKultur3 this big deal. I even changed the name to “PopKultur3 Marketing” did logo updates, layout updates etc. I was really determined to start laying groundwork to start my own marketing company. However, God had other plans.

For 3 years it seemed like nothing that I did worked to actually bring in customers or the attention I wanted PopKultur3 to get. No one was contacting me to become a client, and the people I contacted were terrible in doing follow through. I never realized how much of my energy went into keeping up with this blog.

I had created a business plan, I had several social media sites I managed in PopKultur3’s name; I was doing all kind of stuff all in vain. Last month sometime, I found myself getting so fustrated  and overwhelmed with trying to make the next move for PopKultur3 that I finally deleted it. It was a very sober and hard decision and when I did it, I almost couldn’t believe it was real.

Afterwards, I felt a weight lift off of me. That really was one less thing on my mind and it really did consume a lot of my thoughts and time. So, you would think with that off my plate I would move forward with something else…Not at all. The first week went by and I was fine. But every week following that I’ve had no idea what to do with myself.

Although God has me doing other things like focusing on my poetry, helping out with my little sister…none of that has really been able to fill the place of PopKultur3. Like I feel like I’m not doing anything with my life almost. Even though I work and I’ve been getting awesome experience at my job, something about me feels off.

Because I’m goal oriented PopKultur3 was my focus and was my goal. Now, I have no idea what my career goal is. And maybe that scares me a little. I’ve come to realize maybe I used PopKultur3 to define who I was. If I’m not working towards some kind of goal, I just feel like my life is in limbo.

I guess the hardest part of this is making the adjustment and moving forward with God’s plan and letting mine go. Because truth is, even with all my goal setting and planning I was obviously going nowhere. =/


ehh… Here’s an honesty moment for you. #thatisall



For Such a Time as This…

I’ve been tutoring my little sister for the past few weeks and it’s been quite the stretch for me. All my energy has gone into making sure I help her to get her grades up in school. When I say energy, I mean energy. By the time I’m done working with her for a 3 hour tutoring session, I am drained. And when I tell you God has to be my strength, I mean I literally am leaning on him to help me help her walk through this journey.

Although she comes over and we focus on school work, there’s a bigger picture to be seen. My little sister has had to deal with a lot of drama issues between her dad and my mom. I can understand, coming from the same background, that it can weigh heavy on the mind and spirit of a 12 year old. I’ve walked in those shoes long before I had anyone to help me come through it all.

So, because I can relate to what she’s going through I know that God has me tutoring her for a greater reason. Even though it’s been a few weeks already I’ve hit some strong walls with her and her being defensive with me trying to help. None of this which surprised me. My sister is just as stubborn as my mother; if not more because she’s younger.

I’ve been praying and the Lord has been constantly reminding me of the bigger picture. That I am here to walk her through this season of her journey. That I am here to give her what I didn’t have at 12. Spiritual guidance to figure out how to properly heal and deal with my emotions. I am in her for such a time as this.

Because the bigger picture is that God has placed me in her life to show her something different. To show her a different example of a woman than what my mom showed her. To show her that the cycle in our family can be broken and she doesn’t have to settle when God has a greater plan and purpose for her life.

Truly God has been working on me through her. Every time I think about helping her and the death i have to die: carving out time in my weekly schedule, going over homework over the phone, emailing her teachers, checking her grades, helping her find resources etc. This thing takes a death. But every time I think about the death, I pray and I know that God has allowed me to plant a seed that later will bring life to my little sister like I could never have imaged.

My pastor has been preaching about rededicating ourselves to God and that God wants to raise an army of people who are willing to fight for his word and do his will in the earth. So every time I think about me and my little sister my thought always goes back to :For such a time as this…