For Such a Time as This…

I’ve been tutoring my little sister for the past few weeks and it’s been quite the stretch for me. All my energy has gone into making sure I help her to get her grades up in school. When I say energy, I mean energy. By the time I’m done working with her for a 3 hour tutoring session, I am drained. And when I tell you God has to be my strength, I mean I literally am leaning on him to help me help her walk through this journey.

Although she comes over and we focus on school work, there’s a bigger picture to be seen. My little sister has had to deal with a lot of drama issues between her dad and my mom. I can understand, coming from the same background, that it can weigh heavy on the mind and spirit of a 12 year old. I’ve walked in those shoes long before I had anyone to help me come through it all.

So, because I can relate to what she’s going through I know that God has me tutoring her for a greater reason. Even though it’s been a few weeks already I’ve hit some strong walls with her and her being defensive with me trying to help. None of this which surprised me. My sister is just as stubborn as my mother; if not more because she’s younger.

I’ve been praying and the Lord has been constantly reminding me of the bigger picture. That I am here to walk her through this season of her journey. That I am here to give her what I didn’t have at 12. Spiritual guidance to figure out how to properly heal and deal with my emotions. I am in her for such a time as this.

Because the bigger picture is that God has placed me in her life to show her something different. To show her a different example of a woman than what my mom showed her. To show her that the cycle in our family can be broken and she doesn’t have to settle when God has a greater plan and purpose for her life.

Truly God has been working on me through her. Every time I think about helping her and the death i have to die: carving out time in my weekly schedule, going over homework over the phone, emailing her teachers, checking her grades, helping her find resources etc. This thing takes a death. But every time I think about the death, I pray and I know that God has allowed me to plant a seed that later will bring life to my little sister like I could never have imaged.

My pastor has been preaching about rededicating ourselves to God and that God wants to raise an army of people who are willing to fight for his word and do his will in the earth. So every time I think about me and my little sister my thought always goes back to :For such a time as this…