For The Dreamers…

This message….!!!!!!! TD Jakes always says a mouthful.

For all the dreamers..please be encouraged. God has given you the dream for a reason.


The Endless Quest….

This morning I did some browsing through a few blog posts on and I came across one titled ” Rat Race- The Search for Satisfaction.” This post stood out to me the most because it’s clear confirmation within the last week of what my Pastor has spoken about in church.

This past Sunday he talked about how we tend to arrange our lives based on our needs, vs. arranging our lives around the God who can provide our needs. In a sense this blog post touches on the same issue. We can easily get caught up in life trying to figure out “what’s next?”, but we never really enjoy the blessing of our current state of life. It’s a race we run to reach a point where we finally feel satisfied, but nothing in life really can fill that need except for God. Things in the world are always going to be changing and evolving; which is natural. However, as Christians we have to remember that our true satisfaction can only come from Christ and his Word. His Word is the only thing that remains constant and never changes. It’s the same today, yesterday and always.

Please take a moment to read the post and I challenge you to think about how you’ve arranged your life? Are you living life based on your needs on an endless rat wheel spinning in circles trying to get your needs and desires met, or are you living your life based on giving control to the God who can meet your needs?

Don’t waste life going on an endless quest for something God promises to provide daily if you abide in his Word.

Rat-Race: The Search for Satisfaction


I leave you with this food for thought:

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

..”and He’ll make your name great…”

Lately at work, it seems my work load has picked up and I’ve been given more assignments that require way more time and attention to detail. I take my work load very serious and I enjoy learning and growing in the work environment. However, I have people around me who insist that I take my job “too serious” because I’m not a “hired” full time employee.

To this I say: Technically I am only working through the AmeriCorps program so I’m not an “official employee”. However, I do just as much work as a regular employee and I take my work just as serious. In the last 2 years working where I work, I’ve learned, no task is to be taken lightly. I handle everything that comes across my desk with the highest sense of professionalism. I know that even now, where I’m at God is using this moment to train me for wherever he decides to take me next.

I have a saying hung on my wall at work that says “Do small things with great heart” and I take that saying to heart. I live by it everyday when I come to work. Yes, I may be a slight workaholic and it may seem that I “kiss up” to my supervisor, but from my view point I know that all things work for the greater good because God’s word says so and I truly believe it. Over and over again, he’s allowed me to come across assignments that I know, I wasn’t qualified to handle, but somehow he saw fit to give it to me for a greater purpose. And even in those moments where I may have doubted myself in some assignments he guided me through.

I know at work I get a lot of backlash from other coworkers and even though I love them dearly, God is showing me where the backlash is sourced from and to not take it personal. The enemy uses who he uses and so does God. Today  I had someone say to me have fun doing work for the people who don’t give an “F” about me… Harsh, maybe. At first my feelings were kind of hurt, but then I swallowed that and said God, I do this for you. Not for my supervisor or to please others I work with. If I choose to take what I do serious I do it because I see the end road. And as I sat finishing up my assignment I heard God say clear as day “let me make your name great.”

And he lead me to the scripture 1Peter 5:6 “Humble yourself, therefore under the mighty hand of God that he may lift you up in due time.”

I realize more than anything that a good name and God’s favor can open more doors for me than I can by trying to hustle and make it happen on my own. God has shown me this, time and time again. But in order to believe that and walk this out, it does take having a humble spirit. It’s not a walk made for everyone. But in the last 2 years of working where I work at, it’s truly been a humbling experience because I’ve been exposed to so much in the nonprofit arena and I’ve gained experience I couldn’t have paid for.

So I know that some people may be upset with me after reading this, or think of me how they want.. call me a push over, kiss up whatever…That’s from the outside looking in. But I know from my point of view I’m watching God move on his promise and in due time I know he’ll make my name great.

It’s Just 3 Degrees

Sharing the message from Pastor Clay and SUB 30 this past Sunday. Wasn’t able to attend, but finally had a chance to sit and watch it. The message was great, very plain and simple. 3 degrees of being closer or further from God can make a big difference in our relationship with Christ.

It’s amazing how we take for granted being close to God who is our source of life. The closer we stick with God the closer we are to life, but anytime we venture off to do our own thing that goes against God, we’re pulling ourselves further from Christ and further from life. The things we think aren’t “that bad”, can turn out to be detrimental to our walk with Christ.

Everyone has their “3 degrees” as Pastor Clay mentioned. “3degrees” can be anything from addiction, to premarital sex, anger, pride etc. But it’s this one area, or a few areas that hinders us from fully going all the way in with our relationship with Christ. He talked about walking the narrow gate and how 3 degrees can keep us from traveling the road to reach God.

He even touched on my daily devotion in John 10 that talks about the thief coming to steal, kill and destroy. All the areas we think aren’t a big deal, will slowly lead to death and separates us from walking with Christ. Anything we try to hold onto that’s not pleasing to God is like walking around with dead weight that keeps us from getting closer to God. Pastor Clay really hit some key points, I may need to watch the video again to get all the good nuggets!!

This message was confirmation for some things my pastor had preached in our Friday night and Sunday service. When God says something more than once, it’s usually wise to listen.

05/17/15 – SUB30 – Pastor Clay Baird – It’s Just 3 Degrees from Celebration Church on Vimeo.

“Meeting of The Gods”

MOTG Image

During Sunday’s service my pastor said something during service that was key:

” When you meet other people, you meet their god(s).” 

No matter who you meet, everyone has a god. It’s just a matter of who or what god they serve. And it’s also a matter of if you and that person serve the same god.

I thought this was really key when thinking about who you connect yourself to in relationships and friendships. He also said that you can never have peace in a relationship when the “gods” are at odds with each other.

#Foodforthought #Meetingofthegods