Monthly Archive: May, 2015

For The Dreamers…

This message….!!!!!!! TD Jakes always says a mouthful. For all the dreamers..please be encouraged. God has given you the dream for a reason. Advertisements

The Endless Quest….

This morning I did some browsing through a few blog posts on and I came across one titled ” Rat Race- The Search for Satisfaction.” This post stood out to me the… Continue reading

..”and He’ll make your name great…”

Lately at work, it seems my work load has picked up and I’ve been given more assignments that require way more time and attention to detail. I take my work load very serious… Continue reading

It’s Just 3 Degrees

Sharing the message from Pastor Clay and SUB 30 this past Sunday. Wasn’t able to attend, but finally had a chance to sit and watch it. The message was great, very plain and… Continue reading

I’ll Wait… for You

The original poem that sparked it all. I’ve really grown to love this poet. ❤ #P4CM Her story touches me every time.

“Meeting of The Gods”

During Sunday’s service my pastor said something during service that was key: ” When you meet other people, you meet their god(s).”  No matter who you meet, everyone has a god. It’s just… Continue reading