Ready or Not?

I recently had the great experience of seeing P4CM LIVE in my hometown Jacksonville, Fl and what a blessing they were. Jackie, Preston, Ezekiel, and Janette all did a lovely job of ministering the word through poetry and performance. These are poets I’ve come to really admire in the last year as I’ve been following along on their Youtube Channel. Seeing them live did something great to my soul! The inspiration I had to get back to writing my own poetry was crazy, an urge like I couldn’t even control.

But one of my favorite poems they performed was Ready or Not. ( Among many others I enjoyed) But this one stood out to me and I had watched it performed on Youtube prior to the show, but seeing it live made it connect in a whole new light. The poem is performed by Ezekiel and Janette. Very powerful when you listen and grab the nuggets. You know, we aren’t just here on earth putting on a “show” until Jesus returns. He’s given us this time that we’re here to be a witness of his word and live a life pleasing unto him. ¬†Because the Bible says no man knows the day or the hour He will return, I think a lot of the times we can get relaxed in our walk. We get lazy, because it seems God has been coming back “forever and a day” now.

But the truth is, you never want to be caught slipping in your walk. Not only does it leave room for the enemy to play, but the scriptures talk about being found doing what God left you here to do: his purpose and his will for your life. So, think about it as you listen to this poem. Ready or not here God comes…how will he find you when he returns?