The “Struggle is Real”


When I tell you in the last few weeks, the struggle has been real, it has been REAL! In the last few weeks I’ve come to realize more and more the battle between the spirit and the flesh is so real.

For years I’ve struggled with men and relationships and in the last few months I’ve reached a point with God, where I am really hanging in the fight to please him and not my flesh in this area of my life. One of my prayers every morning for the last few months has literally been, “God, help me to honor you in my choices and even in my thoughts.” Even if it means crying to stick in there. And believe me the tears have come in the last few months.

The harder I try and fight, the more I realize how easy it is to give in to the flesh and why we so often give into the flesh. It takes a lot more energy to fight than to give in. But I am determined to allow God to guide me to victory in this area of my life. And I am believing that after this battle is over, I will overcome this obstacle in my life and I’ll never look at men and relationships the same again.

The more I hang in there and fight, tears and all I realize I’m essentially fighting my own mind. It’s not even the enemy anymore. It’s the appetite that I bring to the table. The enemy just happens to know what I like. But it’s my choice to cater to the flesh, or to honor God and the spirit.

There’s been an article that I’ve been reading and rereading ¬†for several days just to help me come through and keep fighting. It’s called “The War Within: Flesh vs. Spirit” I came across it on my phone while on the bus one morning. I was sitting on the bus thinking to myself, I want to please God and the only way to do that is to follow the Spirit. I typed it in on my phone looking for the exact scripture in Galatians and I came across an article from

This article makes it very clear what it means to walk after the Spirit and it shed light on why it’s important to walk after the Spirit. One of the key things that stood out to me was that when we walk after the Spirit, we’re walking in the strength of the Holy Spirit , not our own. We don’t have to do anything but follow and obey.

Also the fact that the flesh and Spirit are hostile to one another. You cannot give into the flesh and think God will be pleased. But if you follow the Spirit, you won’t gratify the flesh’s desires. If you follow the Spirit, he won’t lead you to fulfill the flesh’s desires. Yes, you might fall, but you won’t stay down long with the Spirit living in you and leading you.

There was a lot to glean from this article, hence I’ve been reading it over and over again to let a few things really sink in. I encourage you to read the article in the link provided and allow God to speak to you through the article.

My last take away, is that having a war between Spirit and Flesh isn’t bad. For a while I felt bad because I was like God I have this desire that goes against what you want for me, but I am also fighting so that your truth can become my reality. And it’s like how can I love God when I have this battle going on with my own evil desires. Truth is, the fact that I’m fighting against my flesh desires is a sign that I love God. The fact that I’m willing to fight against the desire and not give into it says, God’s truth matters more to me. So being at war with the Spirit and flesh is not a bad thing, but a good sign you’re SAVED and you belong to Christ!

Please read the article and I hope it ministers to you, please feel free to leave comments below on your thoughts on the article and most of all, please don’t stop fighting for righteousness. I know the struggle is real, but God’s truth is greater. The War Within “Flesh vs. Spirit”



Celebration Worship Live Album Recording

Last night I had the amazing privilege to experience a live album recording with the Celebration worship team. I had literally been waiting all week just to experience this amazing moment of worship. Although it initially seemed like it was a struggle to get there, I was glad I pressed my way and I was able to get there by the grace of God.

Celebration_Album recording Capture Insta

The songs were great and I loved every moment of it. I’ve come more and more to realize I am a worshipper at heart and that worshipping God really helps renew my mind and spirit. I love a good worship experience. It’s nothing like enjoying God’s presence, surrendering your heart and focusing on who He is and has been in your life.

Some of my favorite songs were “Let Your Spirit Fall” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” There were also a few other songs I enjoyed but I’m not sure of their titles just yet. But listening to the lyrics really inspired me even to go home afterwards and write poetry. I am so glad I was able to be a part of the worship experience. I would gladly do it all over again, because it was exactly what I needed to get some peace with God.

I’d had a very interesting day and being able to worship and release all my cares on God was just what I needed. I left feeling a lot freer than when I walked in. God is faithful. I hope that others who were there shared a similar experience and I’m sure once the CD is made, it will touch lives beyond what anyone could expect.

Congratulations to the Celebration Worship team. You guys were awesome and such a blessing to be able to share the songs that God put on your hearts. I’m praying that God continues to keep you and expand your capacity of creativity to continue writing mighty songs that will touch people all over the city and all over the world!

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