Falling Upward – Prelude

Welcome to a year of ‘falling upward into the safety net of God’s love.’ My blog challenge this year is to write a blog post everyday focusing on the love of God and how to draw closer to him.

I’ve had the idea of Falling Upward since April 2015, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year I was able to finally do something with this idea. Falling Upward came from a hook in Hillsong’s ‘Touch the Sky.’ The idea of Falling Upward is that once you fall in love with Christ, the only way to go is up.

It’s about reaching a moment, when you finally surrender and realize you aren’t in control of your life anymore. Falling Upward is about releasing control and allowing God’s love to guide you day-by-day in your walk with him.

I’ve been spending time each day focusing on scriptures that focus on God’s love and all that it has offer.

Feel free to join me in this journey. Feel free to comment, or to share. I am also uploading blog post to my Facebook page as well. My goal is that, while I’m on my love journey with God, hopefully someone else might be blessed or encouraged. I don’t want the journey to be just about me, but that through me loving Christ, I’m able to touch others.

Falling Upward….to be continued.