Falling Upward – 004 “The Holy Spirit: a Gift of Love”

Ephesians 1: 4-5
Because God loves us, there are things he has predestined for our lives. Because God loves us, he chose us. We were chosen to be holy a adopted as his own children. He literally gave up his son, just to gain us as his children.
The fact that Jesus dying on the cross was a free gift to us and that God didn’t hold anything back from us, is a sign of the depths of God’s love for us. Who else could make a sacrifice as such for the sake of love? God gave up his son so that we could have access to a relationship with him. We did nothing to earn God’s love. He simply chose us, because he loved us and knew we couldn’t redeem ourselves from the penalty of sin.
God’s love allows his will to be revealed to us. God’s love allows us to have insight into seeing things through the filter of God’s eyes and his love.
He chose us because it pleased him. Won’t believe you are chosen unless you first believe that God loves you. The fact that God chose us when we were still sinners, is proof of his love. Clearly he chose us knowing how messy we were, but he also knew that if we embraced his love, we couldn’t stay messy.
Love = redemption, forgiveness, grace
Ephesians 1: 13-14 God loved us so much that he “marked” us with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a gift from God that’s a sign of his love. Although God can’t be on earth with us physically, the Holy Spirit is a gift of his spirit to help guide us and give us strength during tough times.
He gave us the same Holy Spirit that he gave his son. It’s the same Holy Spirit that Jesus had when he walked the earth, and the same spirit he had when he died and got up from his grave. The gift of the Holy Spirit isn’t a weak gift. The same power of the Holy Spirit lives inside of us today and is another testimony of how much God loves us.
Without the Holy Spirit, we’d loose our connection with God. It’s through the Holy Spirit that we access our relationship with God. It was a gift so we could have free access to God.
Ephesians 1: 17-18 When Paul prays for the eyes of our (understanding) heart to be opened to know the fullness of all that God has to offer…this is a prayer you can’t receive without receiving God’s love first.
Everything that God has to offer comes freely by simply loving him and us loving him. We were a selfless choice for God. It takes a lot more work at times for him to love us, than for us to love him. Sometimes we run from his love, we reject his love, we take it for granted. But his love has always been freely given, even when we don’t want it.
Falling Upward…to be continued