#FallingUpward 006- Full Surrenderance

This morning when I woke up I had ” You Have my Surrender” by Lauren Daigle, stuck in my head. I didn’t know why, but I kept singing it and I played it as I got ready this morning. A great worship song that gave me peace.

It didn’t hit me until I got to the office at work, that God’s love focus of the day was: surrenderance.

You can’t love God until you’re willing to surrender to His will. Your heart has to be surrendered to follow His will. Part of loving God is being willing to surrender your heart for His will.

Psalm 9:10  To surrender to God is to put your FULL trust in God and his plan for your life.

Don’t surrender for selfish reasons. Why you surrender is important. Motives matter in the Kingdom! The average person surrenders to God  for surface reasons:

“Clean me up God.” 

“Bless me God. Everything I ask for, you’ll give it to me and more. If I ask in your name Jesus.”

“Do it for me God. I want to show people wt you did for me.”

All of these remarks are typical remarks of someone who wants what God has to offer, but doesn’t want God himself. As we seek God, God is the true reward. As my pastor put it, if we’re seeking God, GOD is what we should find as a reward; not STUFF!

During Bible Study last night my Pastor said something that I think is perfect for this post: salvation is not about YOU being the object of pleasure. It’s about doing what will please GOD. “seek him and HE is our reward.”  Hebrews 11:6

We have to surrender selfish motives in trying to love and serve God.

Part of loving God, is being willing to surrender your way for his way, your thoughts for his thoughts. Allowing an even exchange to happen. And really i trading his thoughts for ours, we have more to gain from Him, than he does from us.

Isaiah 55:8 “Our ways are not  his ways…our thoughts are not his thoughts…his ways and thoughts are always higher” ( paraphrase) God’s ways are ALWAYS better.

The great thing about surrendering to God out of love, is because f you love God enough you’ll realize that he knows beyond what we know. He can see beyond what can see. He always knows what’s best because his choices always come out of love. This is why we should commit our way to him and he will guide us. Psalm 37: 5

We will never surrender until we love God enough to trust his way and conclude we are not in control. We have to know that God has given us wisdom and the Holy Spirit to guide us because he loves us.

It takes a renewed mind and the love of God to fully surrender to God and his way.

Falling Upward….to be continued…