#FallingUpward 008- Grace & Mercy in Love

In God’s love is found grace and mercy. The two things the average Christian might “praise” God for if nothing else. At some point we’ve all had slip ups.

I’m reminded of King David in 2 Samuel 12:1-24 when he slept with Bathsheba, had her husband killed and then got her pregnant. Clearly this brother has a lot going on. But as soon as the prophet came with the word from God, he repented and got his mind back together.

Because David repented, God granted him mercy and spared his life. But you won’t be willing to repent unless you love God. Loving God makes it easier to repent when the word comes to correct. If you don’t love God, you’ll resist the word when it comes and you won’t repent. Having the mind to repent is a gift from God because, every time we don’t repent and change our minds, our hearts become hardened to the word and we begin to disconnect ourselves from God;our source of life.

The only way we will value God’s grace and mercy is if we value his love first. A lot of people take God’s grace and mercy for granted. (I have been there) But the more you walk with God and draw closer in his love for you, you begin to realize his grace and mercy are gifts given to us out of his love. Not only that, they are freely given when we’re so undeserving.

In that same passage, although David’s life was spared, his child still died. And although it was sad, I believe God gave David the grace he needed to get through that time of mourning. Even when we do wrong and we go through,God still loves us enough to help us bare through it all.

Think about it, some people might have taken it differently. They could’ve easily had a bad attitude about the situation. They could’ve complained to God, who knows? The average person wouldn’t have wanted to deal with the punishment, not realizing that whatever the punishment was, it wouldn’t be the full penalty of sin. Jesus has already paid that price, but even so we still have to face the fruit of our choices.

I believe God gave him grace, because as soon as the child died, David stopped mourning and went to worship. It was like he had a certain mindset about what had happened. While everyone else was looking at him crazy, wondering why he stopped crying AFTER the baby died, David knew God’s will. He loved God and he respected God’s will. But you can’t respect God’s choices if you don’t love him first. David knew that even in his punishment, God was just.

Loving God, and coming to know his grace and mercy, ins’t always about praying to God to to “get me out” of a situation. Sometimes God will allow hard things to happen to show you just how much he loves you.

1 Corinthians 10: 13 talks about God not tempting us beyond what we can handle, and that even in the midst of it all God will provide a way to endure.

Grace and mercy aren’t just about getting us out of something, but giving us strength we need to got through the trials and then grow and learn from it. That’s love.

Falling Upward…to be continued