#FallingUpward -012 ” Love Keeps your Praise Sincere”

The last two days, I have found myself running low spiritually. I’ve done some praying, some reading, but nothing as intentional or intense as I had been lately.

Usually when our “spiritual immune system” is kind of low, that’s when the enemy attacks. In the last two days, I have had something happened that had me feeling extra emotional and upset. Had I been reading and more intentionally focused, I probably would’ve had a different reaction to the situations.

In saying that, I literally had to ask God for forgiveness of not being as close as I should. In the past, I would wait until I had drifted and back slid into old habits, but this time because I’m working on my love walk with God, my heart is more sensitive.

I’ve had my “moments” the last few days, but tonight in Bible study, God made me realize my moments weren’t as “bad” as I made them seem at the time. God’s love will change your perspective.

Tonight my Pastor preached out of Job, and in ONE DAY, Job lost what most people loose over a LIFETIME. And yet, even so Job was able to praise God.

Job 1: 20-22 After losing everything he had, Job’s heart was still sincere enough with God, that he was able  worship God. Job’s love for God was beyond STUFF.  The only way we’ll be able to praise God in the midst of trouble like Job did, is by developing a true relationship with God. Worship comes out of loving God and knowing who he is.

So today, I had an incident happen and it threw half my day off emotionally. It took me coming to church, to fully let go and surrender the emotion I was feeling. When I looked at what Job lost, I knew what I had went through today, was nothing compared to that and I’m still blessed even in the small things we take for granted.

As I was in church, God reminded me to think of his love and to allow that to be my strength to press on and move forward. Just because something bad happens, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Life happens and that’s okay. But it takes having the love of God to realize, my life is not in what happens to me. My life is found in Christ, in his love and because of that I can choose to think on his peace when I go through.

What Job went through, didn’t taint his praise or his love or respect he had for God, and that’s what I want in my life. I want to love God to the point that my love walk with him is steady enough to sustain me in any given situation. Good or bad, up or down. I want my praise to remain sincere, because God’s love is greater than whatever I may face in life.

Falling Upward…..to be continued