#PressPlay: “Priceless” for King and Country

I recently went to Winter Jam 2016 when it stopped in my hometown Jacksonville, FL. Ten bands for $10, you can’t beat it. After seeing everyone perform, it was well worth the $10 and more. The experience itself was amazing, to be in an arena filled with so many people worshipping and unashamed about their love for Christ. Priceless moment that I will never forget.

Out of all the bands and singers that performed, I had my favorites: Lauren Daigle ( She’s the reason I went in the first place), Matthew West, Sidewalk Prophets and of course for King and Country. Their performances stuck with me the most.

A song that I’ve had on repeat since I left Winter Jam, is ‘Priceless’ by for King and Country. They’re live performance is amazing. These two brothers and their band really put on a show. I don’t have words to describe it, other than the regular audio version has nothing on their live performances.

This song, touched me because for a long time I struggled with knowing my true self worth in God. I struggled for years thinking I wasn’t cute enough, or that because of my past life choices, I was just damaged goods. But when I really came to know Christ and his love, it really changed how I looked at myself. And this is essentially what this song is about. It’s about knowing your self worth in God and being comfortable in who he made you to be and not believing the lies of the enemy.

When God looks at us, we really are priceless in his eyes because Christ paid the ultimate price for us to become believers. Sometimes, we can get so focused on what people think about us, but really only what God thinks matters. God is the one who holds your life and purpose in his hands.

This song really made me think about all the times I would doubt myself, or not think I was worthy enough or pretty enough, and how once I met God that all changed. It wasn’t an overnight process, but God’s love really does help transform our thoughts.  Am I this top notch confident person now. No. But am I way more confident in God than I used to be 5 years ago, yes! Do I still sometimes shudder at the thought of people actually thinking I’m pretty, yes. But none of that matters to me more than when I look in the mirror and know first that God loves me.