#FallingUpward – 028- God’s Love is Radical

Last night at Celebration Church Jacksonville, I heard a great message preached by Carl Lentz from Hillsong NY. To say the least, he took one simple and familiar verse of scripture and made it come alive in a way I hadn’t really thought of before.

John3:16  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Very simple and familiar right? We’ve heard this scripture 1,000 times and it was one of the first verse of scripture I remembered as a kid.

But he took this scripture and showed just how radical God’s love was. He talked about the gift of grace. The fact that we were undeserving yet God allowed his son to pay the price to save us.

God’s love isn’t like earthly love. Earthly love has limits, sometimes conditions and it isn’t always sincere. Sometimes earthly love can be motivated by selfish desires. But God’s love is nothing like that. It’s pure, it’s simple and it’s free and unlimited.

God’s love helps not only cover our sins, but it makes up the gap between what we can do and we can’t do. One point he made that I really liked was that we don’t do stuff for God to love us, or we don’t do stuff for God to have grace on us. We do things because he ALREADY loves us, and he ALREADY has grace for our lives. We are his children and in that we have to learn to be secure. God is a good father who knows his children. Far better than we know ourselves sometimes.

God’s love is truly a complete package. There’s nothing we need that we can’t find in loving God and in his love to us. His love has us covered. Now, in the past, our future etc. It’s eternal, it has no real limits. God’s love capacity is always greater than ours, even on our best day.

The fact that God’s love isn’t something you have to perform for, or be good enough for, or you have to be “saved” for so long to attain is great. I know a lot of people might not jump over God’s love, but at the end of the day everything God does for us is based on his love for us. And everything we do for God, should be based on our love for him and his truth. And that it what we need to be sharing with people: his love. Because that’s where it starts. If we simply believe. The rest will follow, because he honors those who simply believe.

God’s love isn’t hard to access. No one is exempt from receiving God’s love. You don’t have to be “super saved” and “deep” to get it. It’s there, it’s free in simply just walking with him day to day. Drawing closer to him and his truth.

The more I think about it, the more I find myself asking “What kind of love is this?” Sometimes, it’s so beyond me. Especially when I look back where I was 6 years ago; even 3 years ago. Sometimes I’ve even asked, “Why me God? I know I’m so undeserving.”  But his response has always been to me ” You’re MY child and that’s good enough.”

God’s love is so great, it’s the reason I started my Falling Upward series! I mean, it’s so full that you literally can talk about it and always have something fresh to say about it. Especially when his love really manifest in your own life! It’s the greatest journey ever.

And I say journey, because God’s love isn’t this thing you experience once in a lifetime, or only when you’re at church. God’s love is something to be experienced EVERYDAY! And what’s even greater is that no one’s love walk with God is the same. He caters to us individually in our relationship with him. He knows us all personally.

I could go on, but I’ll just save it for another day’s journey in Falling Upward!

 ……to be continued