The Echo of Freedom

After hearing 4 messages preached this week about freedom found in God, I am convinced 2016 is my year for freedom! There’s so much that I’ve allowed to bind me up and trap me for years, that this year I have decided to fight back!!!

Literally, God has echoed freedom back to back in less than a week. Sunday morning my Pastor preached about being free and staying free and not returning to former things. Sunday night at SUB 30, Pastor Clay preached about being “Trapped” and how to allow God to help you break free from whatever keeps us trapped in our spiritual lives. Also during the praise and worship that night they touched on being free from fear.

Wednesday night as part of Celebration Jacksonville’s Awakening Revival services, Pastor Carl Lentz preached about freedom in God’s grace. That God has already paid the debt for our sins. And then tonight Pastor John Gray preached about freedom. Praise and worship is used to activate God’s word and make it come alive in our lives.

I cannot ignore what God is trying to echo in these messages. I know God wants me to be free this year. And in just a month alone, I’ve fought like never before. I’ve had my ups and downs all month long, but the one thing I can say is that I’ve refused to go down without a fight. I’ve been through a lot of hell since 2010 and for once in my life I am ready to finally break this cycle and be free!

I know God wants me to be free. I believe he wants me to be free. Really there’s no excuse. In the last few months the words I’ve received have been strong and hard hitting. He’put people around me to constantly guard me and remind me of us his word. He’s been speaking to me in different situations I’ve had to face this month. Literally no matter where I turn, God is present and he’s determined!

In 2014 I became a part of a poetry group called Breaking Free. And although we wrote these poems about “being free” and all the stuff we had dealt with and how God had moved in our lives, I’m realizing more and more, I was never really free like I thought I was. There were still things that kept me captive. Some things I had let go, others lay hidden secretly in inner places I had never really gave God access to.

But this year, as I embarked on a deeper love walk with God, I’ve seen just how much freedom comes from loving him and focusing on his love and all that it has to offer for our lives. And I realized, I wasn’t free then; even though I wanted it. I didn’t want it enough.

The things that makes this year different, is because my mindset has changed. God has increased my prayer life, he increased my appetite for the word, and he’s working on my heart. My worship is different, even how I write my poetry is different. God is just changing stuff all in and through me before my eyes. Voluntary, involuntary.

It’s amazing, when you pray to God and the prayer is sincere, but you have no idea what you really asking for. Because of a prayer I prayed last year, this year God has caused me to go on this love walk journey with him. Getting back to my first works in loving him. I remember asking God to “dig deep” not knowing just how deep my roots were and all that he’d have to do just to scratch the surface of my pain.

There’s so much to be said, I hope you are joining me in becoming free in your life as well. God’s love is freedom, and I pray that you come to know his love, just as I a coming to know his love; day by day.