Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Turning Point

For years I’ve struggled with men & relationships. If you’ve ever read my blog, it hasnt been a secret. But it’s something I constantly battled with. This consistent cycle I couldn’t seem to… Continue reading

Video: Things that Stop You From Being Found”

So in case anyone is curious, I decided to include a post of the video that sparked my post about “The Infamous Wait.” I believe she hit on some really good points in… Continue reading

#FallingUpward: “The Infamous” Wait

I recently heard a video on YouTube about why Christian women are having a hard time being “found” by their husbands, and it sparked some thoughts. Although some of what was said was… Continue reading

Is Marriage the “end all to be all…”

No, it’s not….. =/ Sorry to ruin anyone’s personal fantasy. ( Especially for women) I’m not here to bash marriage, because someday I would LOVE to get married. But for me marrying is… Continue reading

You are Valued

I recently watched a video feed of Sy Rogers when he visited celebration earlier this month and during one of his sessions, he said something very key: “Although God may judge our actions,… Continue reading

Passion Needs Parameters

Pastor Clay did Part 2 to the series “It’s not me, it’s You” and the word just keeps getting real. “Marry or Burn”…. pretty straightforward huh? ( 1 Corinthians 7: 8-9) One point… Continue reading

#FallingUpward :Consumed in Worship

The biggest part of Falling Upward with God is allowing him to consume you. Allowing the Holy Spirit to have free reign & free access into every area of your life. When I… Continue reading

Thy Faithfulness -Celebration Worship

If you haven’t already purchased Celebration Worship’s latest CD “Our God, Our Mountain” I encourage you to go online NOW and purchase it. The songs on this CD have been such a blessing… Continue reading

Moving from Questions to Issues

Last night kicked off SUB 30’s new series “It’s Not Me, it’s You.” A series on love, sex & relationships. The first message was full of some really great points, but what stood… Continue reading

Elevation Worship

More and more God has been showing me how important worship is. How powerful lyrics can be when they are truly birthed through God and his purpose in your life. A friend of… Continue reading