Thy Faithfulness -Celebration Worship

If you haven’t already purchased Celebration Worship’s latest CD “Our God, Our Mountain” I encourage you to go online NOW and purchase it. The songs on this CD have been such a blessing in how they’ve ministered to me. If they minister to me, I know they’ve surely ministered to others.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Thy Faithfulness” The reason I love this song is because it was the first song I heard at Celebration that made me break down at the altar. Before then, I had never been as free and unashamed at the altar. But after I heard this song, everytime after that when I went to the altar, my experience was more free with God.

The words are simple, but powerful. And more and more God continues to show his faithfulness in my life and the life of others around me. This song has been made real to me more than ever in the last few months, and everytime I hear it, my spirit gets full all over again.

Be sure to check out the video below and I pray the song speak to you and wherever you are today. Let it minister to you and hear what God has to say to you through the song.